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Review: Manitou's heavy lifting NewAg XL range packed with comfort and features

Manitou has added two heavy hitting models to its NewAg range of telehandlers, designed with farming in mind. Alex Heath spent time in the seat of the smallest of the two model NewAg XL range.


Following the launch of its NewAg line up of telehandlers in 2016, Manitou has expanded the range to include two heavier duty models that were left out of the initial rollout. The manufacturer says the market has changed in the subsequent years, with an increased demand for extra capacity and user comfort.


As a result, two of its largest models have been included in the NewAg line-up and come with the XL designation, signifying the increased capacity the 4.1 tonne lift machines have.


While they are not new from the ground up, significant changes to the engine, cab, chassis and on-board tech have been made, taking what was the construction derived 840 and 1040 to the MLT 841-145 PS+ and MLT 1041-145 PS+L telehandlers, purpose built for agricultural tasks.


In addition to the new models, a new specification level, Platinum, has been ushered in, available exclusively to the XL machines (see cab panel for more details).


The manufacturer sees these machines being operating for extended periods of time, on AD units, large grains stores, dairy farms and around straw stacks.


To see how the new machines stack up, we spent time in the seat of the 7.6 metre MLT 841 on a 600-cow dairy farm, carrying out a range of tasks.

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Our Verdict

The NewAg XL telehandlers have been designed with heavy lifting and long days in mind. 


The cab is generous in its proportions and storage space is abundant. It its quiet and comfortable. The features found within, are aimed at making repetitive tasks less tasking. They are easy to use and fall to hand well with blister buttons neatly packaged.


The engine is an able performer with bags of power and torque, providing ample propulsion and hydraulic poke. 


Overall, the MLT 841-145 PS+ NewAg XL is a step up from the NewAg range's previous largest offering and will suit those with heavy handling workloads, such as large grain stores, dairy units or AD plants. 

Need to know...

Where getting from lock to lock normally takes 4.5 turns of the steering wheel, the firm’s Comfort Steer reduces this to one full revolution of the steering wheel, proportional to boom angle and travel speed.

Tech Spec
Machine TypeLoaders
ModelMLT 841-145 PS+ NewAg XL
Engine - manufacturerYanmar
Engine - capacity (litres)4.8
Rated Power (Hp)141
Maximum torque (Nm)602
Number of gearsFive
Unladen machine weight (kg)9, 160
Featured model's retail price (£)From £104, 352
TypeRigid telehandler
Maximum lift capacity (kg)4, 100
Maximum lift height (mm)7, 600
Dimensions (WxLxH) (mm)2, 390 x 5, 400 x 2, 420
Towing capacity (kg)15, 600
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