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Review: Simple-spec Massey Ferguson 5711M proves a practical performer

Keen to find out more about Massey Ferguson’s new 5700M tractor series, we try out the 115hp mid-model 5711M. James Rickard puts it through its paces.


While it is Massey Ferguson’s striking new 8S and 5S tractors which have been grabbing all the headlines recently, the manufacturer has also been busy developing its smaller models. In particular, what was known as the Global Series models - the 5700, 5700 Dyna-4 and 6700 – these have now been consolidated into one range, the 5700M.


This effectively sees the manufacturer’s line-up of tractors split into two, with the M models billed as simple-spec machines and the S models representing MF’s higher-spec machines. In between the two is a good crossover with several models from the 5700M Series overlapping with new 5S Series. In addition, the lower end of the 5700M Series overlaps slightly with the 4700Ms. In all, this adds up to a lot of tractor choice in and around the 100hp mark from MF.


Like many of the now MF legends which came before the 5700M, such as the 390T, the 5700M carries on that great tradition of a no-nonsense, simple-spec, easy to operate tractor. This said, options are generous on the 5700M which include a semi-powershift gearbox, high-flow hydraulics, transparent roof window and cab suspension. As such, the 5700M Series is pretty flexible when it comes to spec.


Five models make up the 5700M Series, ranging from 95 to 135hp. Thanks to dealership Franks Curtis for sourcing a tractor, we tried out a mid-model 5711M machine, complete with Dyna-4 transmission.

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Our Verdict

I think it is fair to say we are big fans of this tractor. It is just a great all-rounder and carries on Massey Ferguson’s tradition of no-nonsense tractors in this power bracket - it does what it says on the tin and comes with all the stuff you need and no more.


Highlights are definitely its high flow hydraulics and Dyna-4 gearbox – the latter making this tractor that bit more flexible for fieldwork.


In addition, now that the 5700M Series has been introduced, it should make choosing MF models in this power bracket simpler.


If anything, it would be great to see the Dyna-4 semi-powershift option offered on all 5700M models, and we think Dyna-2 versions would also be a great additions to the series.

  • Simple to use
  • Great hydraulics
  • Good visibility
  • Shame Dyna-4 is not available on all 5700M models
  • Would also like to see Dyna-2 added to the series

Cab and controls

Cab and controls 1

Keeping things simple, the 5711M only comes with one ‘trim’ level in the cab, ‘Essential’. And it is a very pleasant place to work, too. Fit and finish seems solid, there is plenty of space to stretch out and visibility all-round is good.


Helping visibility is MF’s famous use of curved rear quarter windows, which also open, and the option of a roof window. Like the high flow hydraulics, we would highly recommend the roof window for loader work.


As for control layout, this could not be simpler, which makes it pretty obvious as to what everything does. It is even simpler now, with a bank of rocker switches used to turn on/off the tractor’s various functions, such as brake to neutral, automatic gearbox, twin flow hydraulics and pto speed selection.

Cab and controls 2

This improvement in operation continues through to the updated dash menu screen, used to set things like shuttle aggression. Previously, this menu screen would always default back to the ‘home’ page, meaning you always needed to scroll through the menus to get to get back to the page you wanted, usually transmission settings. Now, it remembers and stays on the last page you were using.


For transmission control, Dyna-4 in this case, ours came with the firm’s famous ‘T’ lever (see transmission panel), incorporated into the right hand console. Compared to the big ‘stick which comes up out of the floor for the 12 by 12 synchro version, it affords more space around the cab floor, not to mention a greater spread of gears and increased operational flexibility.


On this tractor, there is no option of front axle suspension – not that you really need it on a tractor of this size. However, for extra comfort, the 5700M can be specified with mechanically sprung cab suspension, though, this is only available on Dyna-4 models, meaning the top two models cannot get this option.



As we have previously found with Agco Power powered machines, the 4.4-litre unit in the 5711M is feisty motor and really responsive.


As well as foot and hand throttle, for a little extra engine management and convenience, the tractor also features an engine rpm memory function. This is simply set and activated via a little button on the right hand console – just get up to the revs you need, press and hold the button, and the engine speed will be saved. You can then just give the button a tap every time you want to use this saved engine speed.


Like all new tractors, the 5711M complies with Stage 5 emissions levels. Cleverly, Massey has managed to neatly package all the after treatment paraphernalia underneath the cab, keeping the engine bay uncluttered and allowing the use of a slim exhaust stack, helping visibility. In addition, it does not use a DPF or EGR and only requires a top up of AdBlue to work.


Underneath the bonnet, the air filter is positioned conveniently at the front of the engine bay. Unfortunately, radiators do not fold out for cleaning, however, there is enough room to get an airline in and a removable grill does slide out sideways.


Transmission 1

Across most of the 5700M Series is a choice of two transmissions; a 12 by 12 synchro or, as ours was fitted with, a 16 by 16 semi-powershift (Dyna-4). Unfortunately, a powershift is not available on the top two models of the series, which is where the higher-spec 5S Series comes into play. Interestingly, the 4700M Series is available with Dyna-2, effectively providing a splitter for each gear, which we think would be a great option on the 5700M Series.


For us, the Dyna-4 is a cracking gearbox for this tractor, giving a slightly larger spread of gears to work with, compared to the synchro ‘box, along with a really easy to use setup. Gear changes can either be made by the right hand ‘T’ lever on the main console or the left hand ‘Power Control’ lever on the steering column. The T lever also features a de-clutch button which lets you make range changes.

Transmission 2

As well as gear changes, the Power Control lever acts as the shuttle, putting a large amount of transmission control in one hand. Also, by pulling and holding the lever towards you, you can hold the tractor in neutral.


With both levers, logically, the gear changes are made in the same direction in which the tractor is travelling. For instance, if travelling backwards, by pulling backwards on either lever will see an upwards gearshift made, and vice versa.


Gear shifts are plenty smooth enough for this size of tractor, and relatively snappy too. Both shuttling and gear change aggression can be made through the dash. You can also set a different shuttle aggression level between forwards and reverse. On synchro models, shuttle aggression can simply be made via dial near the steering column.

Features and functions

Features and functions 1

As mentioned, the 5700M is not shy on options and can be specced with several ‘big tractor’ features including a brake to neutral feature and automatic transmission control. Thankfully, both maintain the 5700M’s philosophy of keeping things simple and are easy to activate and use. Really easy.


Via a rocker switch, brake to neutral can be turned on or off, giving you the ability to bring the tractor to a stop by only pressing the brake pedals. This is an ideal feature for repetitive stop/start loader tasks and some field tasks like round baling. It works well too and can be fine tuned through the dash to alter the aggression of the clutch engagement/disengagement. For safety, the feature will also disengage above 20kph and will automatically re-engage below 5kph.


Just as easy to use, the automatic gearbox feature can be used in one of three modes, simply selected via a rocker switch; off, economy mode or power mode. As the name suggests, in economy mode up-shifts are made at 1,500rpm with downshifts made at about 1,300rpm.

Features and functions 2

In power mode, upshifts occur at 2,000rpm and downshifts at about 1,800rpm. Shifts are also limited to within a range, with range changes still made manually – probably a good thing for this size of tractor.


As we found, the auto modes were mainly useful for transport work, with economy mode selected for empty loads and power selected for the fully laden runs. It works pretty well too and is quite a handy feature for loader work, giving you one less thing to do, though we tended to go straight back to manual control for field work. When you use it will all depend on the job and/or personal preference.


Thankfully, unlike a lot of powershift tractors these days, there is no complicated setting up of ‘start off’ gear, with the tractor just sticking with the last gear used. This keeps everything simple and predictable to use.

Hydraulics and handling

Hydraulics and handling 1

One of the stars of the show, and has been for many years on Massey Ferguson tractors, is the 5711M’s hydraulics. Talk about swift. As standard, the tractor comes with a 58 litre per minute pump dedicated to the hydraulics, which is decent in its own right for this size of tractor.


However, if you are specifying this tractor with a loader, we would highly recommend the twin pump option, which combines 58 and 42 litre per minute pumps to give you 100 litres per minute. Suffice to say, this gives some quick loader actions. It also means you can keep your revs down and run a bit more economically and quieter. A switch also allows you to turn the twin flow on/off, just in case you need to reduce oil flow for a particular job and use the single 58 litre/minute pump.


On top of these dedicated hydraulic pump options, the tractor also features a separate service pump for steering, gearbox lubrication, shuttle control and 4WD and differential lock engagement.


At the rear, up to three, double-acting spools can be specified. For simplicity, a tap is used to alter flow rate and a mechanical diverter valve, which takes an oil flow off the second valve, allows it to operate the push back pickup hitch.

Hydraulics and handling 2

Two linkage control types are also available, both of which are electric and both use a ‘slider’ to adjust hitch position. As standard, you just get the slider, control over draft mix and external controls. Or as we had, the ‘Advanced Linkage Control’ option also gets a rocker switch for linkage position control and adjustment over draft mix, rate of drop and upper limit, and features linkage suspension.


Up front, our test subject came with a Massey Ferguson-branded loader, courtesy of Alo. It is a smart loader and really complements the tractor and its hydraulic capability. Our higher-spec FL model also featured mechanical parallel lift.

On this tractor, loader control is mechanical, with the joystick neatly integrated into the right hand console. You can also now order the loader straight from the factory – previously is was just the loader brackets.


Oil levels

Rear-end oil levels can easily be checked via a sight glass.


Wheels have been made stronger via the use of a continuous band around the inner circumference of the rim.


Rear spools are well laid out.


Mechanical cab suspension is an option on Dyna-4 models.


Drawbar storage is fairly handy to get at.


AdBlue fill point is on the right hand side of the tractor.

Tech Spec
Machine TypeTractors
ManufacturerMassey Ferguson
Engine - manufacturerAgco Power
Engine - capacity (litres)4.4
Maximum Power (Hp)115
Maximum torque (Nm)455
Number of gears16 by 16
Rear linkage lift capacity (kg)4300
Wheelbase (mm)2430
Unladen machine weight (kg)4300
Wheels or tracksFour wheels conventional
Featured model's retail price (£)76860
Date at time of review05/05/2021
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