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Connected harvest for AVR

Connected harvest for AVR

AVR has upgraded its AVR Connect harvester telemetry platform to provide information which can link up with field and crop data from Dutch tech specialist Dacom Farm Intelligence’s precision farming software, to give a more comprehensive overview of field and machine performance.


Using a secure link, AVR machine data can automatically be transferred to the Dacom Cloudfarm application, with the field data automatically uploaded into the AVR Connect platform.


Sensors positioned in various locations on the AVR Puma potato harvester collect data and send it online to AVR Connect. The platform can process and display data, including harvesting and transport activity, geofencing, real-time position of the machine and settings and parameters at a distance. It also offers a remote update option and live overview of all Puma screens and parameters, plus integrated yield measurement via optional weigh cells.


During harvesting, yield and the number of planted potatoes per square metre are recorded and, along with the location data, can be wirelessly transferred to the farm office where information including yield maps can be viewed on the Dacom Cloudfarm platform.


This data can also be used to automatically produce a harvest record of hours, fuel consumption, machine model and total yield.


The package offers reporting and budgeting functions and, via Cloudfarm, machine data can be combined with other information sources, such as satellite, contour maps or soil maps for analysis purposes and used for future recommendations.


Koen Uyttenhove, IOT manager at AVR, says: “Farmers need data to make sound decisions. Collaborations such as the one with Dacom are crucial to be able to present an overall picture and reap the benefits of this linked data.”


Jacob van den Borne has trialled the system on his farm at Reusel in the Netherlands and adds: “When harvesting I do not have time to manually enter the data originating from our AVR Pumas. As the data is now automatically collected by AVR Connect and Cloudfarm, I can closely monitor the differences within the field. Its main benefit for me is being able check whether the yield data corresponds to other growing season data and reflects the precision measures that I have taken.”


The Cloudfarm package is available as an option on the AVR Puma 3, Puma 4.0 and Ceres 440. AVR Connect is an open platform allowing sharing of data through APIs and link-ups, with other packages including the John Deere Operations Center also planned.

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