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Turkish brand Armatrac has found its niche in this sector with a multitude of models around the 100hp mark. Its entire range spans from 50 to 120hp, with cab and open platform models available.


The manufacturer says one of its most popular and suitable for our parameters is its 804 Lux. This 82hp model uses a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder Perkins engine, developing 345Nm.


It features a 40kph 16 by 16 power shift transmission and has electro-hydraulic engagement of four-wheel drive and diff-lock.


Lift capacity is 3,900kg and hydraulics are provided by a 48.5 litre/minute pump, distributed to four spool valves. The tractor also has four pto speeds (430, 540, 540E and 1000).


The cab is standard fitment, as are air brakes on Lux models, with an in-cab outlet and in addition a hydraulic top link is supplied. It is available on farm for about £31,500.



Branson’s range of tractors sits exclusively in this power bracket. The subsidiary of South Korean manufacturer Kukje, which is part of the TYM group offers nine models spanning 47-75hp.


Kicking off its offering is the new F50 models. These use Kukje’s own 2.3-litre, four-cylinder engine developing 47hp. Two transmission options split the range into F50H for the three-speed hydrostatic and F50R for the 12 by 12 shuttle shift transmission. The manufacturer suggests a reasonable on farm price for these cabless models of £15,335 for the mechanical transmission version and £16,445 for the hydrostatic. Adding a cab sees the price rise to about £19,865 for the F50CR and £20,465 for the F50CH.


They come as standard with diff-lock, switchable two- and four-wheel drive, 1,500kg Category 1 rear linkage with draft and position control, two speed pto and a single hydraulic spool fed from a 50 litre/minute pump. Cab versions also get air conditioning and an LED light bar.


Its largest tractor is the K78. This runs the manufacturer’s four-cylinder, 2.4-litre engine, developing 75hp. It uses a 16 by 16 electric power shift transmission capable of 30kph. Lift capacity of the Category 2 linkage is 1,733kg, while three pto speeds and four spool valves feature. It can be expected on farm for about £30,875.

Case IH

Case IH

Case IH has three ranges that fit within our set parameters, all in Farmall guise; the Turkish-built Farmall A 55-75 and Farmall C 55-75 and the Italian-built Farmall A 85-115.


The major difference between the three ranges is the choice of engine used. All are manufactured by FPT, however, the Farmall A 55-75 uses a 2.9-litre, three-cylinder version, while the other two ranges use a 3.4-litre, four-cylinder.


Choosing between the ranges also brings in different transmission options. The Farmall A 55-75 is available with a 30kph eight by eight or 40kph 12 by 12 transmission with power shuttle, while the Farmall C and Farmall A 85-11 has a 30 or 40kph 12 by 12 with power shuttle as an option on the ‘C’ version.


Two- or four-wheel drive can be specced on most models except the majority of the largest Farmall A models where four-wheel drive is standard. Also, the 55-75 models can be equipped with or without a cab, while up to three spool valves can be fitted and two pto speeds.


A cabless 55hp Farmall A 55 is available on farm from approximately £17,750, while adding another cylinder and plumping for the Farmall C 55 cost from £21,200. Adding a cab sees the price rise by about £4,000, with an open platform 75hp Farmall C costing in the region of £22,575 and a cabbed version about £27,950.


The Farmall A 95 is the only one of the larger Farmall A range that can be specced with two- or four-wheel drive. Power shuttle is also an option, but a cab is standard in the price, which starts at £26,000.



Claas has a number of options in the sub-100hp sector, with Nexos, Atos and the smaller end of the Arion range creeping in. However, for the budget, the German manufacturer suggests two Atos 200 Series models would be in the ballpark.


All models in the Atos range use SDF’s Farmotion engines, with the Atos 200 Series using a three-cylinder, 2.9-litre version.


With a maximum power of 75hp, the manufacturer says on farm the Atos 220 in four-wheel drive guise should be about £32,000, while the 88hp Atos 230 in two-wheel drive would be about £29,500.


Both models use a 10 by 10 mechanical transmission comprising five gears split into two ranges, with mechanical reverser. The four-wheel drive has a 40kph version, the two-wheel drive is 30kph. Also included is 55 litre/minute open centre hydraulics with three spools and a mechanically-controlled rear linkage capable of lifting 3,570kg.


A cab with air conditioning is standard, as are two pto speeds (540 and 540E). Tyres supplied are 420/85 R30 rears, 280/85 R24 fronts on the Atos 220 and 480/70 R30 rears, 7.5 R18 fronts on the Atos 230.



A well populated offering in this sector gives Deutz-Fahr customers plenty of options with regards to power, specification and transmission options.


Its 3 Series compact range starts with the 50hp 3050, which uses a 2.2-litre Perkins engine, coupled to a 12 by 12 synchro shuttle transmission. The manufacturer says a cabless version would be available on farm from approximately £21,600. A cabbed version would start at about £24,900.


With more power and a larger chassis, the 4E Series is again cabless and uses a 12 by 3 synchromesh transmission. A 65hp 4070E would come in from £21,500 and the 97hp 4100E would be from £28,700. The cabbed version of the 4E is the 5D Keyline. This now has a synchro shuttle, 15 by 15 transmission and creeper as standard. The 75hp 5080D Keyline starts from £26,000, rising up to the 97hp 5100D Keyline available from £30,700.


All models use the manufacturer’s Farmotion three-cylinder, 2.8-litre engine. The rear linkage lifts 2,500kg and a 50 litre/minute hydraulic pump features.


The 5D Series is different to the 5D Keyline, primarily in the cab, however, many components are the same, including the engine in the smallest models. The range has two transmission options; ‘LS’ synchro mechanical shuttle or ‘GS’ hydraulic reverser power shuttle transmissions. A 75hp 5080D Ecoline with a 10 by 10 LS is priced from £28,300 and a 30 by 15 GS 5080D from £35,000.



One of the newer names in the UK is Farmtrac. However, after its relaunch into the market at LAMMA 2020, the importer, St Neots-based Reesink Agriculture, has been busy getting dealers on board, with 12 now spread across the country. Offering a range spanning 22 to 115hp the tractors are built by India’s third largest tractor manufacturer, the Escorts group, with production split between India and Poland.


Slipping in under our budget is the firm’s FT6075E, featuring a 75hp, four-cylinder, 3.5-litre engine, developed in house.


Power is transferred through a Carraro-built 12 by 12 transmission, with four gears in three ranges. Selectable four-wheel drive and diff-lock are included.


An air conditioned cab is also standard fitment for the tractor twhich retails at £26,500. The rear linkage will lift 2,500kg, has draft and position control and features two spool valves, in addition to two pto speeds (540 and 540E) and hydraulic trailer brakes.


With the same power, transmission and rear linkage parameters, the manufacturer also offers a ‘narrow’ version, the FT6075EN. The major differences being this model is an open platform version with foldable ROPS bar and has a width of 1,350mm as opposed to 1,918mm of the standard model. It retails at £21,700.



Japanese manufacturer Iseki offers a range of 23 to 65hp tractors in the UK, all built in house.

For farm use, it suggests its TLE and TG6 ranges.


The former is a two model cabless range, comprising 40 and 50hp models, derived from 1.5-litre and 2.2-litre, three-cylinder engines. The smaller TLE3410 HST model uses a three-speed hydrostatic transmission with two pedal control, while the larger TLE4450 uses 12 by 12 mechanical transmission with creeper gear providing speeds as low as 0.4kph. List price for the smaller model is £20,490, while the larger starts at £24,950. The manufacturer says on farm prices are approximately £18,440 and £21,000, respectively.


The new TG6407 IQ replaces the TG6375 IQ and is powered by the new Iseki Stage 5 40hp turbo diesel engine, gaining a 4hp increase over the previous model. It uses the manufacturer’s 24 by 24 dual-clutch transmission which has eight speeds in three ranges and electronic finger-tip shuttle control.


It can be specced with or without a cab, which has air conditioning, front and rear LED work lights, rear wiper and heated rear window. Its rear linkage with position control can lift 1,275 kg at ball ends, while three pto speeds (540, 750 and 1,000) and two spool valves are included. A neat feature is the pto will stop when the linkage is lifted, and the linkage will lift and pto stop when reverse is engaged. It has a list price of £29,620 for an open platform or £33,990 with a cab. On farm the firm says this translates to around £26,650 and £29,990, respectively.

John Deere

John Deere

While John Deere has a comprehensive range in the sub-100hp category, a handful of models come in under budget.


Chief among them is the 5050E with an open operator station. Using John Deere’s three-cylinder, 2.9-litre PowerTech M engine, it produces 49hp and 188Nm.


It uses a nine by three synchro 30kph transmission, split it three ranges. Four-wheel drive is a mechanically activated affair, as is diff lock engagement.


A 49.7-litre open centre pump services one spool at the rear, while the linkage will hoist 1,800kg. The manufacturer says it retails at £26,687.


For those with smaller buildings to negotiate, such as pig buildings, the firm’s 4M Series are the only compact models that are available through its agricultural dealerships below our set budget.


Comprising two models, the 4052M and 4066M, both use a 2.1-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, developing 51 and 65hp, respectively.


With a cab and ag tyres featuring on both models, retail prices are £27,840 for the smaller model and £28,810 for the larger. A three-speed electronic hydrostatic transmission is used, with control of the tractor down to two pedals.



Kubota has several models within its roster that will come in under our budget, with a range of power and spec options.


Kicking its offering of is its L Series, in particular the new 45hp L2452, which replaces the L2421. Complete with a cab, the range is powered by a four-cylinder Kubota engine. It has a four speed, 16 by 16 synchronised transmission, capable of 30kph. It is a four-wheel drive model, with locking rear differential and limited slip differential in the front. It comes with a 1,750kg capacity, Category 2 linkage, 540 pto and two spools with 35 litre/minute flow and retails at £27,641.89.


Stepping up in power and size, the firm’s M4002 range is available as enclosed or open station version, with models coming in below or very near to the budget, it suggests. Without a cab an M4062 retails at £28,017.96 while opting for a cab sees the retail price rise to £35,185.61, although the manufacturer says on farm it will be under our budget. Likewise, the larger M4072 has a retail price of £37,266.84, but with discount will be in the region of our budget.


Power is derived from the manufacturer’s 3.3-litre, four-cylinder engine, with power for the M4062 at 66hp and the larger model boasts 74hp.


Transmission wise, an 18 by 18 is used, with three ranges and 6 speeds. Synchronised, it has a top speed of 40kph.


Rear linkage lift capacity is 2,500kg and two spools feature with 63 litre/minute flow.


Cab versions feature air conditioning, air suspended seat and radio, while the ROPS version has a mechanically suspended seat.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson has always had a strong following in this power band, with many of its older models still doing the chores many of these tractors will be destined for. As such, it has a bevy of models around our budget.


The smallest models in the manufacturer’s range are the 1700M Series. The manufacturer has recommended two models as examples; the 1755M MC, 54hp cab model and the 67hp 1765M MP, open platform model. The manufacturer says on farm the former will be about £29,950 while the latter comes in at approximately £27,000.


Both use a 2.4-litre, four-cylinder engine developing 188 and 200Nm of torque. They also share the same transmission, a 12 by 12 synchro shuttle affair, capable of 30kph. Both lift 1,600kg on the rear linkage and have a single spool at the rear.


Just above budget at an approximate on farm price of £34,500 is the firm’s 4708M. In essential guise, it has the manufacturer’s 24 by 24 Dyna-2 transmission, complete with power shuttle. Power comes from an Agco Power, 3.3-litre, three-cylinder engine, producing 82hp and 347Nm of torque.


Complete with a cab, it will lift 3,000kg and has a 65 litre/minute hydraulic pump for auxiliary services.



McCormick suggests a suitable tractor to fulfil our parameters is its X4.30.


The 70hp boasted by this model is derived from a 2.9-litre, four-cylinder Deutz Ag engine, producing 272Nm of torque.


Coupled to this is a 40kph, 12 by 12 transmission, arranged over three ranges with four speeds. Four-wheel drive comes as standard, with electro-hydraulic engagement. Steering angle is 55 degrees and the front axle features a limited slip differential.


Rear lift capacity is 2,700kg, and two spool valves feature on the rear, with a flow of 49 litre/minute. There are two pto speeds (540 and 540E).


The tractor comes with the firm’s slim cab, a low-profile design with integrated roof window. Control of hydraulics is mechanical while pto engagement is assisted.


The manufacturer says the tractor would be available on from at £30,210.

New Holland

New Holland

New Holland suggests a well specced T4.55S is within our budget. With a power shuttle transmission (mechanical shuttle is a lower cost option), four-wheel drive instead of two-wheel drive and a cab instead of ROPS it has a list price of £37,259, but could be on farm for about £29,000.


Powered by a 2.9-litre, three-cylinder FPT engine, 55hp and 258Nm is developed. Power in this example is transmitted through a 40kph 12 by 12 power shuttle transmission, with three working ranges. A steering column-mounted hydraulic power shuttle facilitates direction changes. The four-wheel drive version has a turning radius of 4.7 metres and is fitted with a limited slip front differential.


Tyre choice is extensive, but the manufacturer says 14.9R20 front tyres and 16.9R30 rear tyres are a popular and versatile choice. It also features twin-line hydraulic trailer brakes.


Rear lift capacity is 2,700kg and it has two pto speeds (540 and 540E) and two spool valves, serviced by a 47.7 litre/minute pump.


The manufacturer says the new 555LU front loader can be added, with mechanical self-levelling, grill guard, Euro headstock and 1.83m bucket as a factory fitted option, taking the overall list price to £44,648 but likely to be on farm in the region of £34,500. Lift capacity is 1,430kg with lift height at the pivot pin of 3,310mm.

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