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In the Field Jonathan Roberts, Cambridgeshire

Jonathan Roberts of Morley Farm, Warboys, trialled the system on his Moore UniDrill.


He says: “The kit was simple to install – we just fitted the motor onto the back to replace the land wheel, the sensors went in virtually the same holes as the previous ones, we set up the app and away we went.


“The iPad app is also really straightforward to use, you do not have to be technically minded to operate it. It has given us more flexibility with drilling as it is easier to calibrate by taking the iPad out of the cab and using it alongside the drill. We can also set our own rate and adapt it from the cab without a variable rate plan if required and it is also just as easy to turn off variable rate functionality as it is to switch it on.


“Walking the fields, there has definitely been an improvement in the crops. We have had a very wet winter and even in some areas of our wheat that traditionally would have struggled, the crops look really good.”

In the Field Harry Horell, Cambridgeshire

In the Field Harry Horell, Cambridgeshire

Harry Horrell of Pode Farm, Thorney, Cambridgeshire, grows 485 hectares of crops, with oilseed rape, spring beans, maize for anaerobic digestion and spring linseed in the rotation, in a regime that has moved to direct drilling in recent years.


He fitted E-Seed to his Horsch C06 drill and says it has proved simple to set up and use. Working with his agronomist, he uses Omnia Connect to upload variable rate maps, incorporating several levels of information for each field encompassing factors such as soil type, weeds and slug pressure.


“It has been a cost-effective way of converting our existing drill to give variable rate capacity,” says Mr Horrell.


“We have definitely seen an improvement in crop establishment. The stand across the fields is more even as we have been able to battle black-grass spots and areas of high slug pressure by increasing the seed rate in those areas.”

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