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Knight Trailblazer upgrades

 Knight Trailblazer upgrades

Knight has completely uprated the Trailblazer trailed sprayer range, with models varying from the high-spec Trailblazer Pro through to the entry level Trailblazer-Lite.


Pro Series machines include a number of additions, such as a sprung drawbar to offer a more even ride both on the road and in the field.


The new design includes simplified plumbing, an air purge system, auto-clean water tank fill and new induction hopper to aid effective cleaning of the whole system after work and minimise risks to both the operator and environment.


Trailblazer-Lite sprayers offer high performance from a simpler machine with a standard specification, more suited to farmers working with a tighter budget.


They feature a 3,600-litre spray tank, 24-metre gull wing boom and active air suspended axle, with single nozzle bodies on a stainless steel spray line, with a Muller Smart 430 controller and Knight’s MAXImiser plumbing system.

Mazzotti MAF 4080 self-propelled sprayer

Mazzotti MAF 4080 self-propelled sprayer

John Deere’s dealer network can now offer an additional model in the Mazzotti self-propelled sprayer range, the MAF 4080, joining existing 2,500-, 3,000- and 3,500-litre units.


Powered by a Stage 5 175hp engine from John Deere, the MAF 4080 has a hydrostatic transmission, capable of 40 or 50kph.


Tank capacity is 4,000 litres and the spray pack uses M-Spray, a new dual-circuit solution system that features a dedicated 600 litre/minute filling pump, said to fill the tanks in less than seven minutes.


Spraying is carried out by a dedicated high-pressure 750-litre/minute spraying pump with direct rate control, which provides rapid application rate adjustment.


All operations, including rinsing, can be carried out either from inside the cab or via the new Solution Command keypad and digital display at the central operator station on one side of the machine.


It can be specified with a range of MK spray booms from 24 to 36m wide.


Mazzotti is now part of the John Deere stable, so in common with other sprayers in the range, it uses Deere’s spray controls including INC (individual nozzle control) and a new John Deere-sourced operator station.

3D90 nozzle from Syngenta

3D90 nozzle from Syngenta

Syngenta has launched its new 3D90 nozzle, specifically designed and engineered to better target spray application, while also reducing the risk of drift. It combines the proven performance of the renowned 3D Nozzle, with the benefits of completely new 90 per cent drift reduction technology (DRT), says Syngenta.


This latest development builds on the long-term partnership between Syngenta and Hypro Pentair, who together have pioneered recent nozzle developments. Fully compatible with Pulse Width Modulation systems, the 3D90’s design incorporates an integral snaplock cap, which makes it easy to fit onto any sprayer.


At early spring growth stages the 3D90 nozzle offers a combination of coverage of small targets and drift reduction, and it is also said to offer the coverage needed in autumn for effective pre-em applicaitons.


The 3D90 can be used for fungicides. With 90 per cent drift reduction, the manufacturer says more spray gets into the crop which offers improved penetration and helps to protect plants from higher disease risk when there is greater humidity within the canopy.

John Deere R740i trailed sprayer

John Deere R740i trailed sprayer

John Deere has extended its trailed sprayer offering with the mid-range R740i which incorporates the company’s latest precision and intelligent technology. This 4,000-litre capacity machine offers boom widths from 18 to 30m, with features including a new multi-functional control lever, the Solution Command operator station and the proven PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system. PowrSpray is designed to reduce filling times, improve spray application and increase accuracy.


The R740i is also available with a closed transfer system ready option, allowing closed transfer devices to be used to induct chemicals direct from specially designed packs, eliminating the risk of operator exposure or spills.


Additionally, it can be equipped with an individual nozzle control system, an electronic system allowing nozzles to be switched on and off according to GPS maps, avoiding overlaps and saving chemical.

Amazone Panterra 4504

Amazone Panterra 4504

Amazone’s Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer features a new in-house operating system, modified spray agent liquid circuit and changes to the operator station offer significant added value.


The all-new SmartCenter and operator station are protected under the access cover on the left side of the sprayer alongside a new 60-litre induction bowl. Twin piston diaphragm pumps, have a total output capacity of 520 litres/minute, but offer a suction capacity of up to 700 litres/minute and have been repositioned over to the right-hand side to reduce noise during the filling process.


The SmartCenter filling control is available with a choice of specification levels; on the Comfort-Pack plus, the TwinTerminal 7.0 feature a pressure-sensitive touch-screen for the operator to select the desired function.


An ergonomically-designed armrest accommodates the AmaDrive 7.0 touch-screen colour display and spraying system software is displayed on either the AmaTron 4 or AmaPad 2 IsoBus terminals.


Amazone’s ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop boom tip swing compensation enhance boom ride, even at the larger working widths of 40m.


Extra precision is available via AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control, with its added functionality of AmaSelect CurveControl, AmaSelect Row and AmaSelect Spot.

McConnel AB30

McConnel has launched a new version of the Agri Buggy Sprayer.


The AB30 has been reworked from the ground up, to bring its specification in line with other 3,000-litre machines on the market.


The chassis is 200mm longer with a three-metre wheelbase and running gear has been beefed up. Power is from a 3.8-litre, Stage 5 Cummins engine, developing 148hp.


Attached directly to the engine is the air compressor, while the radiator sits on top of the engine bay. A heavier duty four-speed gear box provides the mechanical drive at 50kph on the road and up to 20kph in the field.


The sprayer is now full CanBus and has a load sensing hydraulic circuit. The spray pump operates at 335-litres/minute. Booms from 12 to 28m are available and the sprayer now has a kerb weight of 5,460kg.

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