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New controls for McHale’s C4 feeder bedder range

New controls for McHale’s C4 feeder bedder range

The McHale C4 silage feeder and straw blower range features four models with capacities ranging from 2.2-6.85cu.m. The most recent machine, the McHale C490, offers the largest capacity in the range.


All machines in the C4 range now come with the new Expert Control Console which is a handheld remote control. Designed to be user-friendly, the control console provides the operator with access to all the functions of the machine from the tractor seat.


The chute is joystick-controlled, allowing the operator to adjust the chute height and the output direction easily from the handheld remote control.


Prices for the range start at £17,174.

Static mixer from Trioliet

Static mixer from Trioliet

Trioliet is now offering a fully automatic feeding system with a stationary mixer which serves as a feed kitchen and controller of the system.


The Solomix 2 STAT is a stationary diet feeder featuring two vertical augers, available in volumes from 12-32cu.m. After mixing, the feed is transported to a feed wagon, robot, or belt system by means of a chain or belt conveyor. The diet feeder uses Trioliet’s Horizontal Flow design with offset inserts in the tub to aid mixing in both vertical and horizontal direction. It also features Trioform auger knives mounted horizontally on the auger flighting for improved cutting performance with less resistance from the feed, saving fuel.


Variable speed drive from a single electric motor gives the optimal mixing speed and improved discharge/clean out.


An electronic weighing system comes as standard with four heavy duty weigh bars for accuracy. Options and accessories include datalink wireless data transfer, feed management software, radiographic controls, remote displays and CAB control remote computers. There is a choice of manual and automatic control systems for controlling loading, weighing, mixing and unloading.

Spread-a-Bale HR head

Spread-a-Bale HR head

Spread-a-Bale has introduced a new spreader head option which extends the spread distance of its handler-mounted straw spreader, designed to offer further reductions in straw spreading time and labour.


The HR head features a single horizontal rotor which enables straw to be delivered in a linear spread pattern one-metre wide and thrown up to 12m with minimal dust generation.


The head can be fitted to any of Spread-a-Bale’s M range and is available on both front end and side mounted models.


It is said to be of particular interest for pig producers providing them with the opportunity to more precisely bed up pig arks.


The HR is a no additional cost option to Spread-a-Bale’s conventional vertical rotating head on any of its M range products which start at £12,250 for the Green Mini.

BvL self-propelled diet feeder in the UK

BvL self-propelled diet feeder in the UK

The first BvL V-MIX Drive Maximus 21-2S self-propelled diet feeder is at work in the UK. Powered by a new six-cylinder 224hp FPT Stage 5 engine, the mixer feeder features a milling head which uses Hardox tines to rake silage out of the clamp rather than blades to chop it out, giving a clean face to the clamp, says the manufacturer.


Ingredients are transported to the 21cu.m tub via a conveyor and mixed using twin augers before being distributed via an 1,100mm-wide side door or cross conveyor. An additional rear door can be specified to allow blends to be premixed from bulk stocks before collection via the milling head and there is also a small hopper on the side of tub for adding high value minerals.


Options include four-wheel steer, four-wheel drive and air suspension, while stainless steel liners can be specified to protect the tub from corrosive ingredients.


Rations are uploaded onto the V-Dairy Feeder controller from the farm office via the Cloud and this also monitors loading, weighing the ingredients in and providing an alert when the selected quantity is loaded.


Operation is via a single joystick and a dial which selects whether it is used in loading, driving or unloading mode.


It is priced at about £200,000.

Kverneland Siloking self-propelled feeder

Kverneland Siloking self-propelled feeder

The Kverneland Siloking self-propelled feeder range has been extended with the introduction of the System 300+ model in the SelfLine 4.0 range, with four capacities of 19, 22, 25 and 27cu.m.


Based on the System 500+ version, this smaller System 300+ model is powered by a 218hp Volvo engine and offers an air-suspended chassis with four-wheel steering and a 25kph road speed.


Equipped with a two-metre wide milling head that supplies the mixing tub using a 700mm-wide belt conveyor, the system 300+ uses twin vertical augers with adjustable, hardened knives and has an integral FlowPlus hopper ring to improve bale processing.


Discharge options include a hydraulic cross-conveyor and rear doors.


An optional integral straw chopper sits behind the milling head and is activated by a push-button from the cab.


It delivers a chop length from 20-40mm, helping to shorten mixing times when including straw within rations.


List price of the System 300+ self-propelled feeder models start at £249,104 for the 19cu.m model.

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