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Wider raking

Wider raking

Adding to its arsenal of rakes, Pottinger has introduced a new four rotor rake, with an adjustable working width from nine to 14m.

Like its little brother, the Top 1252 C, the new Top 1403 C rake’s rotors are powered with a dual drive line, which sees the front rotors powered hydraulically and the rear rotors mechanically. As a result, the machine features fewer drive shafts which enables the ability to fold the machine and achieve a transport height of under four meters, without removing any tine arms. It also means working width can be infinitely adjusted while working.

A new standard feature is automatic overlap control; when cornering, the front inside rotor is automatically pushed inwards according to the angle of the headstock and selected swath width. This, according to the firm, makes sure there is sufficient overlap with the rear rotors.

When the machinery straightens out again, the front rotor is automatically pushed outward, making full use of the machine’s working width.

Each rotor features a five-wheel undercarriage, to follow ground contours, complimented by anti-wrap guards. In addition to rotor height, rotor inclination can also be adjusted.

The rake is available now with a retail price starting from £71,484.

Serous tedding

Serous tedding

Topping out its range of tedders, Pottinger has developed a new flagship model with a massive working width of 17m.

Designed to meet the needs of high output customers, the trailed Hit 16.18 T tedder features 16 rotors, each with a diameter of 1.42m and six tine arms. To maximise tedding quality and offer a clean sweep, rotors feature swept back tine arms and off-set tine lengths.

As well as providing transport, the machine’s main wheels are positioned close to the rotors, leading them over bumps and undulations, complemented by independent travel of each rotor.

To clear the crop at headlands, the tedder features a system which hydraulically keeps the tedder level when lifted, avoiding the outer rotors from ‘drooping’ into the crop.

Avoiding crop from being thrown into the hedge bottom, the two rotors on the outer right-hand side can be folded backwards hydraulically by 15 degrees, directing grass away from the hedge or fence.

It also needs no control box, just one single-acting and one double-acting spool.

Retail price starts from £43,241.

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