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Gantry tractor

Gantry tractor

The concept of the gantry tractor design has been around for some time. Back in the 1980s, the Dowler Gantry system, developed by Cotswold farmer David Dowler, pioneered the principle of using a self-propelled gantry as a tool carrier and an irrigation/crop sprayer platform in controlled-traffic applications.


It was 12 metres wide, weighed in excess of 10 tonnes and was driven by an operator in a cab positioned on one end of the machine. Extensive development work resulted in a research program at the Silsoe Research Institute, which sadly capitulated following Mr Dowler’s untimely death. The Robotti effectively takes a 21st century approach to the gantry design.

UK demonstrations

UK demonstrations

Tom Beach and Jack Wyatt at Autonomous Agri Solutions are the UK representatives for the Agrointelli Robotti.


Pending the lift of current Covid-19 restrictions, the company is planning to host demonstrations of the Robotti system throughout the UK later this year.

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