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Fendt Katana 650 forage harvester

Fendt Katana 650 forage harvester


Fendt’s Katana 650 self-propelled forage harvester, replacing the outgoing 65, will be available to test drive this summer for delivery in 2021.


The Katana 650 offers an additional 25 horsepower to bring the existing MTU six-cylinder in-line engine, up to 650hp overall, plus a new intake and processing system which improves crop flow and increases cutting capacity.


Fendt’s ‘BalancedGrip’ all-wheel drive system provides greater stability in undulating fields, taking data from a gyroscope and detecting the weight transfer on all corners of the harvester to manage which wheels power should be sent to.


Two new roller conditioners, new crackers that allow a cut length to 30mm, and an enlarged 300mm roll diameter have increased crop flow capacity by 21per cent.


New service openings give direct access to the knives and Fendt has also introduced a new knife sharpening system that adjusts continuously to reduce wear and provide a smoother, more consistent chop.

John Deere 8000/9000 series forager updates

John Deere 8000/9000 series forager updates


John Deere has updated its 8000 and 9000 series self-propelled forage harvesters with AHC (Active Header Control), offering active lateral tilt float which allows the header to freely float over the ground when lowered, but centres and locks itself for transport.


A new multifunction operating lever is tilted further forward by 15 degrees and fits more comfortably in the driver’s hand, resulting in easier changes between forward and reverse.


The firm’s Remote Display Access for all ‘i’-specification packages is now free of charge for the first five years. This provides customers with wireless connection in the field and enables data exchange with any mobile computers and smartphones, as well as the farm office via JDLink Connect. In addition, compatibility between the platform and other systems has been extended.


Pottinger Jumbo forage wagon updates

Pottinger Jumbo forage wagon updates


Pottinger has made a number of updates to its Jumbo forage wagon, including a new seven-row pick-up equipped with 6mm thick Durastar tines. The floating pick-up with cam control tracks at either end combines high intake with maximum reliability, even in difficult harvesting conditions, says the company.


An optional Superlarge pick-up with a collection width of 2.36m features hydraulic folding jockey wheels, reducing transport width to 2.55m. The firm’s Powermatic Plus loading system features a rotor with eight rows of tines arranged in a helix to take the crop consistently from the pick-up, even with a wet and short crop, through the 3mm short-chop chopping system.


To reduce the power requirement during loading, the scraper floor has been lowered by 150mm. When loading begins, a pack of forage forms at the front-end of the loading chamber, and is then drawn continuously backwards by the scraper floor. It is also lifted upwards as it is drawn backwards so that the crop fills up the loading chamber evenly.


Pottinger’s Autocut fully automatic sharpening system is now adjusted by selecting the sharpening cycle on the control terminal, and the Easy Move swing-out knife bank hinges out the chopping system hydraulically for quick knife changes.

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