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New 100hp range marks the start of Valtra's fifth generation of tractors

Valtra has marked the development of its fifth generation of tractors with the launch of a new tractor range. Alex Heath reports.


The new G Series is the first of Valtra’s fifth generation of tractors to be launched and slots into the manufacturer’s existing offering- between the low spec A Series and the N Series with its multiple options.


The four model range spans 105 to 135hp at rated power, with a five-horsepower boost for the three smallest models and a 10hp boost for the largest model, taking it to 145hp with 560Nm of torque.


The Finnish manufacturer says there is a demand for a high specification small tractor, that is capable of both loader and land work. While the tractor itself is new, much of the componentry is borrowed from its existing ranges that occupy the berths either side of the G Series, while the manufacturer has also added an increased amount of technology, much of it revolving around connectivity.


While the A Series offers a basic amount of customisation with regards to choosing specification, the G Series build on what is offered in the N Series, with an automotive style pre-selected packages, including; Basic, Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro.


In addition, three operational specification levels are available which will be familiar to Valtra users, comprising of the base spec HiTech, mid-level Active and the range topping Versu. For those that need extras not on the options list, the tractors can also go through the manufacturer’s Unlimited studio, which currently sees 27 per cent of its tractors sold passing through it.


The new range is available to order now, with the factory gearing up for full production and deliveries expected at the end of this year.


G Series range overview


Rated power (hp)

Boost power (hp)

Maximum torque (Nm)













G125 standard










Powering the G Series is a four-cylinder, 4.4-litre Agco Power engine. Designed in Agco’s Linnavuori plant, but built in its most modern engine facility, Changzou, its compact size has enabled the bonnet to be kept low, mirroring that of sister company Massey Fergusson’s 5700 range. This, it says makes it ideal for loader and yard work with increased visibility. 


The engine complies with Stage 5 emission regulations without the need for exhaust gas recirculation. Instead, emissions are controlled with selective catalytic reduction and a diesel particulate filter. An electronic wastegate and 1,600 bar Bosch common rail injection are said to offer fast response and torque across a broad range of engine speeds.


All models offer power boost when driving in B5 or higher gears. Valtra’s traditional Sigma Power boost is also available for pto applications.


One model is branded as an ‘eco’ version. The G125 Eco is the fuel-efficient EcoPower model that lets the driver select Power or Eco mode, which lowers the engine speed while increasing torque to 555Nm. The manufacturer says its EcoPower models save nature, money and also hearing thanks to their lower noise.



The G Series is available with one transmission; a 24 by 24 powershift with four ranges and six powershift gears.


The shifts from B to C range and between C and D ranges are automated. In traditional Valtra fashion, the parking brake is integrated with the forward/reverse shuttle lever, while the driver can also programme the transmission settings. The slowest working speed with the creeper box fitted is said to be 120 metres per hour.


Here the three spec levels come into play. With Versu models the drive lever can be used to control the operation of the tractor, which coupled to the automatic modes gives a CVT-like driving experience, says the manufacturer. All models regardless of spec come with the firm’s brake to neutral function, AutoTraction, which negates the need to clutch when slowing down. A hill hold function also keeps the tractor stationary when on a slope, without the need to press the brake pedal.


HiTech models have an open hydraulic system that produces 100 litres/minute, while Active and Versu models have load-sensing hydraulics that produce 110 litres/minute. Up to four hydraulic blocks are available at both the front and rear. Versu models are available with up to five rear spool valves.


The minimum lifting power at the rear is 5,000kg across the entire lifting range and 2,900kg at the front. A front pto is also available, as is ground speed pto at the rear along with two additional pto speeds.



The G Series shares its cab frame with the A Series, however new furnishings and user interface put it in line with the N Series as far as technology and features are concerned. Glass is aplenty with 5.7sq.m on offer, including 0.35sq.m in the panoramic roof. Cab suspension and front axle suspension enhance ride quality, while two air seat options are available. The manufacturer quotes an in-cab noise level of 73dB.


Versu models with the SmartTouch interface can access the same SmartFarming features as the bigger N and T Series models. Active models are also available with auto guidance GPS steering and precision farming features that can be activated via the SmartTouch Extend terminal.


The manufacturer says the G Series has been designed with front-loader tasks in mind. Quicke-made  loaders are fitted and tested in the factory, while the turning circle is said to be 4.63m. Wheelbase is comparable to the medium sized A Series tractors at 2,550mm with a base weight 5,140kg and a maximum permissible weight of 9,500kg.


Front-loader brackets are integrated into the chassis, while the hydraulics assistant automatically increases the engine speed when more flow is needed, and the Live 3 feature enables the simultaneous use of up to three different front-loader functions.


The manufacturer has launched the tractor with the option of three new colours; olive green, metallic bronze and a fetching shade of light blue.

Precision and connectivity

Precision and connectivity

The company says the G Series has been designed for increasingly complex precision farming demands. Versu and Active models in the new G Series can be equipped with the same precision farming features as the manufacturer’s larger models, including Valtra Connect telemetry which allows tractor data to be shared with service technicians and farm offices.


A new Wayline Assistant option is available, together with Valtra Guide automated steering. Wayline Assistant is said to enhance automated steering systems by making it simple to store individual, meandering waylines in the memory. It also makes it possible to create segmented waylines manually, either from existing waylines or according to the edges of the field. If there are multiple waylines crossing the field, the automated steering selects the most appropriate line.


Installation can be done to any of the firm’s existing SmartTouch tractors by way of a software update. Customers can also purchase other programs to use with SmartTouch, including TaskDoc Pro, Section Control and Variable Rate Control, as and when they require them.


GPS receivers are sourced from Novatel and Trimble, while the tractors can also be connected to Agrirouter for wireless communication with other brands of tractor, machinery and implements.

Have a look at Valtra's manufacturer account

2021 marks the 70th anniversary for Valtra.

Your working machine since 1951, Valtra tractors are now on their 5th generation, and we are already thinking forward. Milestones are of course celebrated, but the work is never done. Whatever the future brings, our machines are built to work and built to last. They are built for you.

Our award-winning A, N and T Series have undergone a major upgrade into 5th generation versions, packed with improvements to make your life easier. Valtra U-Pilot headland management system boosts precision, and the brand new A-Pillar display puts information right where your need it.

To celebrate Valtra’s 70th anniversary we are taking things to the next level with a limited edition Valtra T Series in a deep, metallic red. The most powerful colour for a journey that spans generations. Only 70 limited edition machines available worldwide – so act fast. Visit our website for more information.

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