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More power and tech for John Deere 7R tractor series

Tractor developments were a major part of John Deere’s latest online product launch, with several updates and additions to its 6M, 6R and 7R Series tractor line-ups.


As we discovered with our recent test drive of Deere’s 7R Series tractor, the firm has now added a more powerful model to the range.


The 7R 350 packs a rated figure of 350hp, a maximum rated figure of 385hp and with the firm’s Intelligent Power Management, tops out at 388hp. While this now overlaps significantly with the 8R Series, the manufacturer says this now gives customers more choice in the high horsepower sector; long nose 8R for out and out lugging or short wheelbase 7R for more versatile duties.


In addition, on all 7R Series tractors equipped with a 40kph transmission and front axle brakes, payload has been increased by two tonnes to a maximum permissible weight of 18 tonnes. More flotation is also offered with the new availability of IF650/60R34 front tyres and up to IF900/60R42 rear tyres.

New 7Rs also have the option of the manufacturer’s ActiveCommand Steering 2. This is an electronic system that uses a gyroscope to sense any tractor yaw and automatically compensates for ‘drift’ to stay on track. Operators are now able to adopt various settings in the CommandCentre display to match personal preferences.


Variable ratio steering can be turned on and off, steering sensitivity can be adjusted and steering wheel resistance can be tuned. The manufacturer’s automatic reduction to 3.1 turns of the steering wheel from lock-to-lock remains available, allowing quicker and easier headland turns, it says.

Deere has also expanded its digital offering. Complementing its wireless data transfer systems, its latest MyOperations app can now serve as a digital field record. Using the app, operators can document any task with data stored in their Operations Centre account.


For greater flexibility, the latest version of the Operations Centre now allows ISOXML boundary and documentation data to be imported from other displays and portals. This enables data transfer and collaboration within mixed fleets and with different customers.

6Rs now standard with JDLink

6Rs now standard with JDLink

Based on customer demand, particularly driven by the challenges and restrictions imposed by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Deere has announced that from July 7, 2020, all new 6R Series tractors will be delivered with JDLink telematics as standard equipment.


As well as enabling wireless data transfer between the tractor and the Operations Centre in (which requires a JDLink Connect subscription), it also provides Connected Support tools to enable better machine support.


This technology also includes remote machine monitoring and the firm’s ‘Expert Alerts’ system, helping to solve potential machine issues before they happen, says the manufacturer.

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