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Massey Ferguson launches radical looking 8S tractor series

While Massey Ferguson showed a glimpse of its future tractors at last year’s Agritechnica Show, along with various teaser pictures circulating the web in the past couple of years, it has now launched its next generation of tractors, starting with the popular 200hp-plus category. Alex Heath reports.


Replacing the firm’s long wheelbase 7700S Series of tractors, Massey Ferguson has launched the 8S, a four-model range, spanning 205-265hp (at maximum power).


The tractor has been in development since 2014. At a reported cost of $200 million (£155m), the manufacturer says the design has been influenced by the future, but also harks back to some of its most influential models from the past.


The new range also brings in a new model numbering system, 8S.265, for example, which sees the eight stand for the tractor’s Series, the S being the highest level of specification, when comparing it to the firm’s more basic M range, and the last three digits represent the tractor’s maximum power. The company says it has done this to make it easier to understand the models in its ranges.


Orders can be placed now, with limited quantities available until the end of the year, when production of the 8S will ramp up and production of its predecessor ceased. However, the options are limited, with just the top specification and two powershift transmission choices available until 2021. An 8S.265 fitted with Dyna-7 transmission and Exclusive specification will start at £164,190.




The most notable difference to previous models is seen with the cab. Gone is the six-post cab and in its place is a four-post design, boasting 6.6sq.m of glass and 3.43cu.m of operator area. Its windscreen is raked forward, designed to protect the operator from direct sunlight.


A new control armrest also features, as does the manufacturer’s new nine-inch Datatronic 5 terminal, with a gloss finish and updated user interface. The main dashboard has also moved on to the tractor’s A-pillar, improving visibility over the bonnet.


Various seating options are available and feature a 45-degree swivel, including a leather seat fitted with air suspension, heating, ventilation and equipped with lateral damping.

Cab 2

The latest generation of MultiPad control lever offers transmission and machine control, as well as IsoBus functions. A micro joystick also features on the control lever, offering control over two spool valves.


Two specification levels will be offered; Efficient and Exclusive. The top-spec Exclusive version is available straight off the bat, while Efficient will be available in 2021.


With the top-spec model, operators get active mechanical suspension, an integrated roof-mounted camera, IsoBus socket and a more advanced climate control system.



Its 7.4-litre, six-cylinder Agco Power engine has a maximum output as per the model number, although with engine power management, a 20hp boost also features, taking the largest 8S.265 to 285hp, when road speed, pto or hydraulic demands are encountered.


The manufacturer says maximum torque is generated at 1,000rpm and remains constant up to 1,500rpm.


A 240mm gap between the bonnet and the cab has been deliberately added, reducing noise, vibrations and heat, as part of its Protec-U design, it says. In fact, the company quotes a 68dB in cab noise level, said to be one of the best in its class. The engine is completely sealed in the bonnet, drawing in air for the cooling packs from behind the engine where it is cleaner, says the manufacturer.


Taking care of emissions is the manufacturer’s All-In-One integrated system, featuring selected catalytic reduction with a soot catalyst. The system does not require the use of a diesel particulate filter or a complex variable geometry turbocharger, designed to last the lifetime of the tractor, claims the manufacturer. It is mounted outside the tractor, keeping visibility unimpeded and the exhaust pipe slim, it adds.



When production reaches full capacity, sometime next year, three transmission options will be available. For now, buyers have the choice of two new powershift gearboxes.


Dyna-7 is the manufacturer’s latest development of its Dyna-6 transmission, though it claims it is 10 per cent more efficient in the field for the same horsepower. This offers 28 gears in forwards and reverse, split across four ranges with seven changes within.


Also featuring 28 gears, there is the completely new Dyna E-Power, with its dual clutch system. The manufacturer says the transmission offers similar driving attributes to a CVT but with lower power losses, thanks to greater mechanical power transfer. The company says there is a 26 per cent reduction in power losses at high speeds when compared to the Dyna-6.


Ranges are similarly split into four and can be operated fully automatic or in manual modes, with a 9 per cent gear ratio difference between each speed in fieldwork applications from 5-20kph. Top speed of 50kph is reached at 1,500rpm, leading to fuel savings of up to 10 per cent over the Dyna-6, it says.


For those wanting a CVT option, they will have to wait until 2021 for the manufacturer’s Dyna-VT version, as will those wanting a lower-spec cab.


Sitting on a 3.05-metre wheelbase, new models are said to offer 10 per cent more traction over the long wheelbase 7700S. They can be fitted with up to 2.05m diameter rear tyres, including a new option of Trelleborg VF650/75 R42 TM1000 PT.


The tractors retain front axle suspension as standard, offering a 5.7m turning radius.


Lift capacity both front and rear have been increased; 4,800kg and 10,000kg, an increase of 7 per cent. A closed centre 150 litres per minute hydraulic pump is standard, although a 205-litres/minute pump is an option, as is an IsoBus socket at the front.



The manufacturer says connectivity is standard on the MF 8S Series, which comes with MF Connect Telemetry including a three-year subscription license. This uses mobile data to transfer information to the MF Connect Cloud, providing access to useful management information on machines. As well as logging the machine’s position and data, it can also send error messages and upcoming service requirement alerts to users and dealers.


This is fully integrated into the new MyMF customer portal where users can view and manage the information and data in real time, remotely from any internet-enabled device. The manufacturer says MyMF will soon be available to use in the UK.


At the heart of the system is the Datatronic 5 terminal, which manages the tractor’s functions and control of all IsoBus-compatible implements.


A new antenna rail, positioned at the front of the cab, enables easy mounting of a choice of GPS receivers up to RTK precision. For security and risk avoidance, the antenna is locked in place with a key as standard. An optional Fieldstar 5 terminal can be used to manage all the MF Technologies; including MF Guide, while MF Section and Rate Control can now handle up to 36 sections and five products. It now also records the field boundaries and provides automatic field detection.


MF Task Doc and Task Doc Pro automatically record and wirelessly transfer the gathered information and data. The manufacturer says this is a secure way to create accurate documentation to help operators comply with regulations and store useful information.



MF 8S.205

MF 8S.225

MF 8S.245

MF 8S.265


Six-cylinder, 7.4-litre, Agco Power



Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch or Dyna-7 Semi-Powershift (Dyna-VT available in 2021)

Maximum power (hp)





Maximum power with EPM (hp)





Max torque (Nm)





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