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View from the cab

View from the cab

Operator Andy Spreadbury (pictured above) has plenty of praise for the LH30M materials handler. “It was a little scary at first, but you soon get used to the high seating position, which makes loading lorries easy,” he says.


“There is plenty of power and the hydraulics are smooth and powerful too,” he says. “The engine only runs at 1,700rpm, so it is quite a calm environment.”


Having spent time on excavators in the past, Mr Spreadbury says the joystick controls were easy enough to grasp.

“Using a clam shell bucket mounted on a 360 degree rotating headstock, it is just so different to using a bucket,” he says. “Though you can be quite precise with the controls.”


I can also use the clam shell like a finger-and-thumb to pick up the top sheets for folding, and to make it easy to clean-up behind me.”


He says that the handler also has a built-in dynamic weighing system, which lets him total the payload as the clam shell swings over the walking floor trailers. “The lorries have on-board weighing too, but it gives me an idea when handling wetter or dense forage crops,” he says. “I need around 25-26 buckets of rye to fill a lorry, but only 16-17 of maize.”


He prefers to load facing downhill, as it helps to spot the edge of the clam shell bucket on the ground, without danger of nipping the sheet. “You soon work out the best ways to position and work the machine, and use the elevating cab to your advantage,” he says.


“And I only move forward after every lorry load, which minimizes any driving around. I simply lift the outriggers, drive forward, then put the outriggers down,” he adds. “There are times when we sit the outriggers on plastic grids to help spread the weight on softer ground, but when you do not run around loading, you do not make any mess.”

Loader specifications

Loader specifications
  • Model: Liebherr LH30 M Industry
  • Operating weight: 26-32 tonnes
  • Engine: Seven-litre, four-cylinder Liebherr D934
  • Power: 190hp at 1,700rpm
  • Front end: 7.8m boom, six metre dipper arm
  • Maximum lift height: 13m
  • Maximum reach: 14m

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