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Lamma Show 2019: Forage, feeding and bedding equipment updates

Including mowers, rakes, foragers, balers, mixers, bale dispensers and grassland rejuvenation equipment, Lamma 2019 was awash with grassland and forage equipment.


Krone goes big

Krone goes big

Taking pride of place on the German manufacturers stand was its Big X 1180 self-propelled forage harvester, shown for the first time in the UK, as well as its revised Big M self-propelled mower conditioner.


Both machines use Liebherr engines, the Big X’s being a 24.2 litre, 12 cylinder developing 1156hp and the Big M’s being a six cylinder, 12 litre, developing 449hp.


The company were also celebrating 25 years of its BigPack square balers. In conjunction with this the company showed it Bale Collect accumulator, capable of grouping three bales together at a time.


Linking into the balers CCI 1200 terminal, it is fully available for the coming season and is priced from £28,000.

Fendt Rotana combination round balers

Fendt Rotana combination round balers

Available in fixed chamber 130F and variable chamber 160V versions, Fendt’s new Rotana baler/wrapper combination is based on the Lely Tornado.


However, several improvements include a re-designed chassis which reduces the angle of crop flow when entering the chamber and allows 0/13/17/25 knife options.


A spring-loaded drive clutch releases the floor more easily, and density rollers controlling the four belts are now greaseable. The bale transfer arm holds the bale deeper into the chassis for improved performance on hillsides and can also level a poorly shaped bale.


Transport length has been reduced by more vertical folding of the wrapping arm, and the Rotana now features IsoBus control, backed up by external wrapping controls.


Bale sizes are 1.25m diameter for the 130F and 90-160cm for the 160V. Prices are from £84,906.

Kuhn in-line round bale wrapper

Kuhn in-line round bale wrapper

Replacing the RW 1800, Kuhn has completely re-designed its new RW 1810 in-line trailed round bale wrapper.


As the new machine can run in line with the rows, it can be used with a tractor, or coupled to a round baler offering a flexible baling/wrapping solution, says the manufacturer.


Via laser sensing, the whole loading and wrapping process can be fully automated. It can also be run manually, or semi-automatically allowing the drop function to be manually controlled, for example.


A new touch screen terminal shows all machine functions in real time, and the baler can be specified with Kuhn’s clever 3D wrapping system which applied plastic to the barrel of the bale first, then finishes off the wrapping process conventionally.


The wrapper can also apply odd numbers of layers, by varying the overlap of the wrap.


On average, Kuhn says the machine is capable of wrapping 100 bales per hour.

SIP Star 1000/30T two rotor rake

SIP Star 1000/30T two rotor rake

Presenting its large portfolio of grass equipment was SIP. Machinery is now bought into the UK by the company itself rather than an importer with the stand featuring triple mo-co’s, a large trailed tedder and front mounted swath merger.


The company’s latest development was in the form of its Star 1000/30T two rotor rake. Redesigned to handle bigger crops, the rake has a new chassis with a greater arch, affording more clearance and better floating of the rotors.


The track width has also been narrowed to 2.81 metres resulting in 100kg of weights being tucked into each wheel rim to aid stability. Working width is hydraulically controlled between 8.8 and 10 metres.    

Abbey Machinery Feeder Plus mixer wagons

Abbey Machinery Feeder Plus mixer wagons

Aiming to appeal itself to larger scale stock farmers, Abbey Machinery has evolved its range to include heavier-duty mixer wagons in the 24.5 to 30cu.m capacity bracket.


Everything about the new ‘Feeder Plus’ machines is ‘beefier’, says the manufacturer, which includes thicker augers, full metal mudguards, and front platform and ladder as standard.


For improved convenience, a new terminal/display features and auto-on feature, which comes on as soon as it detects power from the light socket.


New style lighting clusters complete the updates, with the new Feeder Plus range starting from a retail price of £50,000.

Redrock C300 bale shredder

Redrock C300 bale shredder

Representing the first bale shredder which Redrock has designed and built itself, the manufacturer premiered its new C300 trailed model.


Able to accommodate two round bales or one large square bale, the trailed C300 has been designed to handle all crop types, including hay, straw and silage, and can accommodate two round bales or one large square bale.


Thanks to a modular design, the shredding and dispensing element will remain the same for all future developments which will see a longer trailed machine able to carry five round bales, a tractor mounted type, along with a version which will be integrated into the front of a mixer wagon to offer an all in one versatile machine, it says.


Thanks to a clever electro-hydraulic control system, moving floor speed will automatically be slowed should the shredding rotor speed slow. As well as reducing the risk of blockages, the system also prevents any machine and driveline damage.


Available now, the C300 has an on-farm price tag of £15,000 plus VAT.

Bridgeway Diamond bale dispenser

Bridgeway Diamond bale dispenser

Based in County Offaly, Ireland, Bridgeway debuted its Diamond bale dispensing model to the UK market.


The machine can be linkage mounted as well as loader mounted. For loader mounted versions, the whole headstock can be detached from the main bale unrolling element.


Featuring bale spikes on the headstock, this can be used to first load the bale unroller with a bale, then re-inserted back into the machine to carry the machine and dispense the bale.


When re-coupled, the machine’s hydraulically driven motor, via the third service, then re-meshes with the bale unroller to provide drive to the spiked chain and slat conveyor system, used to unroll/dispense a bale.


All crop types and round bale sizes can be catered for, says the manufacturer, and it can also handle block cut silage.


Weighing just 400kg, the machine retails at £5,250 including VAT.

Shelbourne Reynolds mixer wagons

Shelbourne Reynolds mixer wagons

Building on its range of vertical auger mixer wagons, Shelbourne Reynolds has developed two new top models with capacities of 24 and 30cu.m.


Extra capacity has been gained with an increase in auger diameter. In addition, a new shape tub is said to offer a smoother mixing action, while a replaceable lower tub walls offer simpler and easier refurbishment – the latter key to helping the resale of the machine, says the manufacturer.


Feed out capacity is also boosted by a wider discharge belt, now 800mm wide, along with a 20 per cent wider door.


A new chassis now features six load cells, designed to distribute weight more evenly over the chassis.


All hydraulics are controlled via wireless control box, as currently used on its smaller machines.


Retail price for a 30cu.m is £63,990.

BVL VMix 46 mixer feeder wagon

BVL VMix 46 mixer feeder wagon

First of its size in the country, BVL’s VMix 46 is destined for a blending plant, hence its three doors, but the three-auger 20 tonne capacity feeder/mixer wagon can be equipped with up to five doors plus elevators to suit different housing systems.


Mounted on a triaxle chassis with three-speed powershift and individual gearboxes, it can be handled by a 200hp tractor, claims the manufacturer.


A range of options are available for more demanding tasks, including stainless steel liners and edges, while it can also be fitted with a choice of weighing systems.


Also making its debut at the show was the Cloud-based Cow Connect system, which uses a plug and play ‘black box’ on the wagon, connected to an app on the operator’s phone or tablet.


Rations can be set, adjusted and recorded, and data imported from external portals such as herd management software, allowing reports to be generated on feed intake, efficiency and costs.

Emily Mix and Go/Rotor on frame

Emily Mix and Go/Rotor on frame

A development from its Pick and Go bale handler and unroller combination, the Mix and Go has been introduced by attachment specialist Emily.


After feeding out forage, the pick-up unit can be detached from the unroller and used to collect a concentrate mixer/dispenser.


This features an integrated drive to power a double auger and gently mix concentrate dry rations, with a capacity of 700 litres, and the ration is then fed out via a discharge tube. The price is £6,000.


The company also launched a rotary milling head for large clamps, aimed at biogas plants and high output dairy units, where clamp faces can be 9m high.


It is designed to utilise the hydraulic capacity of large telehandlers and wheeled loaders, with a flow of 150l/min. Emily suggests that the need for a clean clamp face on larger stores is often overlooked but can avoid expensive secondary fermentation.

Fendt Squadra square baler

Fendt Squadra square baler

Aimed principally at high capacity straw operations, Fendt’s Squadra baler offers a number of updates from the previous 1290, designed to boost bale density and machine strength.


Producing bales with a 120 by 90cm section, the Squadra now features a 500kg flywheel which operates at 1,500rpm. The drawbar is narrower to improve visibility to a new pick-up design which uses polypropylene bands for durability and easier replacement. It now features five rotor tines rather than four to increase the amount of crop delivered to the packer, which has also been reinforced and revised for a quicker action.


String boxes, which hold 36 twine balls, swing out for improved access to the chamber and LED strip lights illuminate the working area. The six knotters are arranged to eject debris and maintain string tension, and the enlarged density ram has a position sensor so that the operator can confirm that pressure is released when dropping the bale.


Power requirement is 350hp and the Squadra is priced at £227,392.

Kidd Farm Machinery 475TC bale processor

Kidd Farm Machinery 475TC bale processor

The 475TC is Kidd Farm Machinery’s latest baler shredder and straw chopper. With a capacity of 4.75 cubic metres, this trailed machine uses a hydraulic rotating comb to loosen bales.


With electronic monitoring, its ‘smart’ conveyor has the ability to automatically stop and reverse, should the shredding rotor speed slow below a preset level, reducing the risk of a blockage.


An adjustable screen lets operators choose from non-chopped material down to 30mm length, depending on material being processed. When equipped with electric controls, road lighting, mudguards and smart conveyor, the Kidd 475TC is priced at £26,910.

Alstrong Auctus M grassland rejuvenator

Alstrong Auctus M grassland rejuvenator

Alstrong showed the latest developments to its Auctus M grassland rejuvenator.


The three metre mounted machine on show now features a double row of paddles for levelling and harrowing and beefier rear tines for covering seeds. Aggressiveness of these paddles is now hydraulically controlled.


The 2.7t machine is able to work on ploughed land, or straight into sward, with the rear roller aerating the rooting zone.


A Doyle vario-seeder can be fitted, with two fans and GPS metering. The three metre machine shown is priced at £17,000 plus VAT and needs a minimum of 130hp up front.

Bullock Grass 300 harrow and air seeder

Bullock Grass 300 harrow and air seeder

Bullock Tillage exhibited a host of new machines, including its new Grass 300 harrow. Up front is a hydraulically adjustable levelling board, followed by two rows of cranked scarifying tines constructed of 12mm steel.


Behind is a row of straight tines for mixing and covering seed, followed by a Gutler-style packer roller. There is the option to have an SP200 air seeder fitted, which can be metered with a land wheel or GPS. Power requirement for the three metre machine is 100hp and outputs of two hectares per hour are achievable according to the company.


Price as shown was £10,500 plus vat, or £7,200 plus vat without the seeder.

McHale B9000 butterfly mo-co

McHale B9000 butterfly mo-co

Seen for the first time in the UK was McHale’s B9000 mo-co, now featuring hydraulic width adjustment. The rear mounted mowers have a total working width of nine metres when paired with a front mower.


The system which is manually controlled eliminates misses on tight headland turns, by allowing the operator to pull in the mowers, creating overlap. Each mower bed has seven discs, and a suspension system allows for 17 degrees of movement forwards and backwards to aid contouring.


Price for the butterfly mower conditioner is £33,000 and a GPS guided system is said to be in the pipeline.

Malone Procut 300 trailed mower

Malone Procut 300 trailed mower

Getting its UK debut, Malone showed the Procut 2600 and 3000 trailed mowers to replace the Procut 960.


Model numbers indicate working width, with the company saying the mowers have been redesigned from the ground up. The redesign sees a more robust mowing bed, shear gears and beefier chassis as well as LED work and road lights added.


Seven discs feature on the three metre machine and six on the 2.6m, with semi-swing tines on the conditioner.


List price for the three metre model is £17,500 and £16,500 for the 2.6m. Both prices are excluding VAT.

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