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Lamma Show 2019: Farm transport and security highlights

Featuring ATVs, low loaders, bale handling trailers, mobile sheep handling kit and vehicle security devices, Lamma 2019 left nothing in closet when it came to farm transport and security.


Shropshire Quads Suzuki Jimny Pickup

Shropshire Quads Suzuki Jimny Pickup

Garnering plenty of attention was Shropshire Quad’s pickup conversion of a 2016 Suzuki Jimny.


The unit with automatic transmission had covered 3,000 miles before undergoing its transformation, which included a three inch suspension lift, uprated trailing arms and heavy duty bushes. The aluminium rear deck is complemented by road legal flotation tyres and extended arches and mud flaps.


Shropshire Quads says it is the only company in the UK to offer the package, designed by Suzuki themselves, and is compliant with all safety legislature. Build time is approximately four to five weeks, with prices for an equivalent-specced vehicle starting at £17,000.

Quadzilla diesel UTV 800

Quadzilla diesel UTV 800

Quadzilla’s UTV portfolio continues to grow, and the latest model is the diesel 800.


Powered by a three-cylinder Perkins engine, the UTV offers an 800kg towing capacity and 400kg load bed capacity – the latter is available with a manual tipping function, and uses gas struts for assistance.


Equipped with continuously variable transmission, four-wheel drive and a full cab, the diesel UTV 800 is available in green or camouflage. With road homologation, the machine is priced at £11,500.

Can Am Outlander 6x6 ATV

Can Am Outlander 6x6 ATV

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) revealed the Can Am Outlander 450T - a six-wheel drive ATV.


Powered by a 38hp Rotax engine with electronic fuel injection, the machine offers a 54kg front rack capacity, and a 159kg rear rack capacity.


The Outlander 6x6 packs a towing capacity of 907kg with a braked trailer, with ventilated disc brakes providing the stopping power.


The £7,749 ATV offers selectable 4/6wd and uses an auto-locking front differential to help riders to steer the beast.

Meta Trak vehicle security

Meta Trak vehicle security

Farm vehicle security is being tackled by first time Lamma exhibitor MetaTrak, which has developed a range of immobilisation, tracking and telematics solutions for tractors, ATV’s, 4x4s and self-propelled equipment.


There are three individual elements to the system – an on-board tracking unit, activation fob and a starter-immobiliser. And all can be linked and monitored by an ios or android compatible App or web-based portal.


The immobiliser arms automatically when the engine is stopped, and needs the fob to be in-range to re-activate – though it can be deadlocked and over-ridden using the App or web portal, should the fob be lost or stolen. Lone worker activation, geo fencing and instant alerts are included, and the app can monitor up to 100 vehicles.


Opting for all three elements costs £440 and includes the first year’s subscription.

Derwent BlockStem axle lock

Derwent BlockStem axle lock

Aimed at reducing rural crime, the Derwent BlockStem is a device which fits to the steering ram of a vehicle at full lock.


The device constructed of C4 steel, is said to be tamper proof and features a unique key. BlockStem can be used on any vehicle with an exposed steering ram - even if the ignition of the tractor or loader is started, it will only be able to drive in a circle.


The Thatcham approved category three anti-theft device is recognised by a number of leading insurance companies, offering premium discounts of up to 40 per cent, says the manufacturer. Prices are dependent on the length and diameter of the ram, ranging from £260 to £380.

IAE mobile sheep handling trailer

IAE mobile sheep handling trailer

Celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary, IAE were exhibiting a revised version of its MST mobile sheep trailer.


Available in three sizes, the smallest model, the MST 150 is available with 10 galvanised steel or aluminium hurdles. The larger two models the MST 300 and MST 600 have 20 hurdles and 40 hurdles respectively, both constructed of aluminium.


Updates include a stronger galvanised chassis, and guillotine gates at the ends of the race. Weigh cells can also be fitted to the trailer, which uses a hydraulic hand pump to lift itself up for wheel removal.


Retail for the MST300 is £9,644 plus VAT, rising to £12,099 plus VAT if weigh cells are required.  

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