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Lamma Show 2019: Clever milking cluster picks up top award

AktivPuls by JF Hudson beat off strong competition at the recent Lamma Innovation Awards, picking up the overall winning trophy for its clever milking cluster concept. James Rickard reports.


Chosen from six gold medal winning innovations, it was AktivPuls, distributed in the UK by JF Hudson which picked up the overall winner’s trophy at the recent Lamma Innovation Awards.


Receiving the Lamma Founders Award for its novel milking cluster concept, the 12 judges were unanimous in selecting AktivPuls due to its improvement in animal health, its adaptability to different teat sizes, increased productivity and lower running costs.


The innovation clearly identified areas of improvements which could be made to a milking cluster, said the judges, and with the ability to work with virtually any make of milking parlour it is an innovation with great market potential.


JF Hudson director, James Hudson said; “This award is a fantastic accolade to have. It’s great to have recognition for the effort and innovation that has gone into the AktivPuls cluster.”

The AktivPuls milking cluster.
The AktivPuls milking cluster.

Featuring 32 patents, at the heart of the German-made innovation is the liner which is said to create a more ‘natural’ milking experience.


Via its wedge-shaped and a cleverly positioned air inlet channel, it means there is no vacuum on the teat end during the ‘rest’ phase. As a result, the manufacturer says it is much less aggressive on the teat ends reducing the risk of hyperkeratosis, in turn reducing mastitis cases.


In addition, the liners feature seven ‘massage’ zones to adapt to teats of all sizes, says AktivPuls. Liners are made of silicon and have a life span of 8,000 milkings – about 320 per cent longer life than conventional liners.


Via a modular construction, elements such as the short pipe connecting the ‘claw’ and the liner, can be individually replaced should they get damaged, rather than replacing the whole liner. A transparent area at the top of the teat cup also enables you to monitor individual milk flow from each quarter and the life of the liner.

About JF Hudson

About JF Hudson

Offering a range of services and products to dairy farmers and the wider agricultural industry, JF Hudson director, James Hudson has long been involved in the UK dairy industry.


From an engineering background, his company specialises in providing computer aided design and engineering solutions. Projects range from parlour trough renovations (pictured above) to full dairy unit designs.


As well as the recently added AktivPuls milking clusters, the firm’s range of products include guidance systems and excavator attachments.

Lamma Innovation Awards 2019 medal winners

Livestock innovation:

  • Gold: JF Hudson, AktivPuls milking cluster and liner concept
  • Silver: Khun, Twin reel film binding system
  • Silver: Easyfix, Jupiter F cow mattress
  • Silver: Huesker, Agritec Silage Safe clamp covering system


Arable innovation:

  • Gold: Garford Farm Machinery, Robocrop baby salad leaf hoe
  • Silver: SOYL, MySOYL yield insight tool

Driven innovation:

  • Gold: Apollo Vredestein, Traxion Optimall tyre
  • Silver: Bombardier Recreational Products, Can-Am ATV anti–lock braking system

Online/technology innovation:

  • Gold: Sparex, Connix LED magnetic wireless lighting system
  • Silver: Herdwatch, Farm Medicine Scanner

Diversification Innovation:

  • Gold: Herbst Machinery, Agri Screen three-way screener
  • Silver: Forest Master, Zero Hand Trucks zero pivot system
  • Silver: Howseman Agriculture, six row drip tape laying unit

Future innovation:

  • Gold: Martin Lishman, ImpacTrack data logger
  • Silver: Agri-Innovation Solutions, Veenhuis Nutri Flow real time slurry analysis
  • Silver: Agrifac, AiCPlus camera-guided spot spraying
  • Silver: Hampton Steel, Versalok metal intermediate post and clip system
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