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Lamma Show 2018: Root crop equipment

Complementing the extensive line-up of tillage equipment at Lamma, is also an impressive array of root crop machinery and technology.


CTM Rockstar 2 de-stoner

CTM Rockstar 2 de-stoner

Rockstar 2 is the name given to CTM’s latest de-stoner/clod separator machine, which is available in two working widths, 1.5m and 1.7m, to suit different bed sizes.


From the front, spring tension has been increased on the depth roller to improve the accuracy of depth control, and on the same roller, sprung loader scrapers are used for improved cleaning. Digger webs have also been updated which now feature a raised bar, every eighth bar, designed to keep soil clear behind the shares as well as assist the flow of soil into the machine.


Maintenance-wise, star roller shafts are now fitted with triple-sealed bearings, and greasing has been centralised with the grouping of grease points. Larger, 24 inch wheels can also be specified, as can extra work lights and cameras. You can also specify and all web machine or a combination of webs and star rollers.


The control box has also been updated, which now gets better graphics and the ability to engage a sequence of machine functions via the press of one button.


Available now, the new machines start from a retail price of £65,000.

CTM Beet Censor sugar beet cleaner and separator

CTM Beet Censor sugar beet cleaner and separator

Combining its proven cleaning elements and separator rollers with new electronics and a clever returns system, CTM has created an alternative machine to a water-based beet cleaner and separator.


Called the Beet Censor, it uses real-time processing electronics linked to plates, which in turn are used to detect stones. If a stone is detected, flaps are instantly opened below the stone, which allows the stone to drop beneath the machine. Any beet which falls through the machine with the stone is returned through the machine via an elevator system.


All trash and debris is contained beneath the machine on a conveyor, which can be unloaded at the operators’ convenience, rather than being dumped on the ground.


Power for the machine comes from a 50hp Deutz engine. Comfortable throughput of the Beet Censor is said to be about 60 tonnes per hour.


Designed and developed in Norfolk, the machine retails at £120,000.

Standen Baselier one-pass potato planter/cultivator

Standen Baselier one-pass potato planter/cultivator

Adding to its range of Dutch-made imported Baselier potato equipment, Standen has introduced a one-pass potato planter and cultivator.


The four-row, 3.8m machine on show features a hook tine cultivator with rubber hood, said to improve soil flow, reduce tine wear and lower fuel use.


Row spacing is 36 inches, and bed versions can also be specified. Depending on model, in-row spacing can be adjusted manually or hydraulically.


Hopper capacity is 3.1 tonnes and various cup inserts can be fitted to adapt to different varieties of spud.


Machines will be available for demo this season, with full availability for the next. On-farm price for a four-row machine is about £40,000. A two row version will also be available.

Martin Lishman BeetLog

Martin Lishman BeetLog

Appreciating that beet harvesters are far from gentle giants, Martin Lishman says any crop damage sustained during lifting and loading can shorten the life of beet while stored in a clamp.


It explains perhaps why the firm has developed the BeetLog - an electronic beet, which mimics the size, shape and density of an average sugar beet to monitor and measure the frequency and intensity of shocks applied to the crop.


With experience gained from its TuberLog electronic potato, the BeetLog can be placed in the ground and harvested.


As it passes through the harvester, it monitors and measures the process, allowing the operator to fine-tune settings to minimise crop bruising by up to 50 per cent.

Downs field loader

Downs field loader

Following the development of its GeoDTX combi bunker and in-field loader, Downs showcased a high capacity field loader.


To suit users on ‘zero grading’ root crop contracts, the outfit comprises a receiving hopper, adjustable cleaning section, four person picking table and a conveyor for loading into wagons.


Various cleaning options are available to suit user requirements, and the metre-wide conveyor can telescope up to a 13m reach, pivot through 180 degrees and features an adjustable 2.4m crop conveyor to reduce drop height into trailers. All this allows an artic to be filled without it having to move, says the firm.


Power comes from an on board Kohler engine and generator, and Downs says a wagon load of carrots can be graded and loaded in about 20 minutes.

Grimme GT170 anniversary edition

Grimme GT170 anniversary edition

Grimme has introduced a silver anniversary edition GT170 potato harvester to celebrate the firm’s 25 year history in the UK.


With silver decals, the machine will be available with more specification at a lower cost than the regular GT170.


In addition, Grimme has launched a service package for all new self-propelled harvesters. Buyers can choose from four levels of cover, with the emphasis on fixed running costs per hour. Choosing the top-level Protect maintenance plan offers full service cover and includes wearing parts.

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