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Lamma Show 2018: Livestock equipment

While Lamma is famed for its extensive line-up of tillage machinery, this year’s visitors were also treated to a strong showing of livestock equipment.


Clipex automated sheep weighing

Clipex automated sheep weighing

Alongside its heavy duty cattle equipment, the firm also showcased a high-spec sheep handling system.


Offering fully automatic sheep weighing and segregation, the system also aims to take the strain when dosing and dagging.


Before the crush, one sheep can be automatically held on the ramp and released into the crush as another exits. In the crush itself, the sheep is squeezed as it is weighed.


When in fully auto mode it is released to be segregated. In semi-auto mode, the sheep can be accessed at the front for dossing, or flipped on its side with opening head and tail panels to allow easier access for dagging or foot trimming, for example.


Towed to the field by a 4x4 or ATV, power is taken from a 12V battery and a compressor, meaning no manual input is required. Another feature, a Bluetooth connected series of foot pedals can be programmed to run three functions, keeping your hands free for the job in hand.


Available now, prices for the automatic sheep handler start from £10,600 plus VAT.

Ritchie sheep weighing

Ritchie sheep weighing

Forfar based livestock handling specialist Ritchie showcased its entry-level sheep weighing system at the event.


Replacing its tried and tested mechanical spring-type weigher, the new unit features a simple digital weighing scale.


Price for the unit, which uses the same crate as the existing unit is £788.

Huesker silage clamp cover

Huesker silage clamp cover

Designed to offer simpler and safer tensioning of silage clamp sheets, Huesker brought its Silage Safe system to the UK.


Cut into 2.1m strips, the system is hung over silage clamp walls, along with conventional side sheets, prior to filling, with drain tubes at the end of each strip holding the sheets in position. Once the clamp is filled, the sheets are folded over, with straps used to pull the covers tight. The firm says this provides even pressure, both along the full length of the clamp, and also puts a lot of pressure on the clamp edges to reduce spoilage.


Unlike many conventional clamp covering systems, as the clamp settles the straps can be adjusted to maintain pressure.


Available now, the firm says prices vary according to clamp height, width and length.

Trusti Tuber calf dosing system

Trusti Tuber calf dosing system

Brought to the UK by Dairy Spares, Trusti Tuber is produced by New Zealand firm Antahi.


Developed by a New Zealand vet, the Trusti Tuber is designed to deliver up to four litres of colostrum to calves; other doses could be used too.


Unlike some bag-based systems, the system is designed to be reusable with a plastic bottle and flexible delivery tube, which features an adjustable stop on its hard plastic mouthpiece to suit various calf sizes up to 120kg.


Dairy Spares says its system causes less stress on the animal, and, as the pipe cannot be chewed, allows the pipe to easier pass into the oesophagus.


Price for the system is £55.

Gallagher weighing systems

Gallagher weighing systems

Aiming to improve its user interface, weigh cell and EID specialist Gallagher showcased its two latest touch screen terminals at the event.


Two new options, the TW1 and TW3 slot in below the firm’s top of the range TSi2 controller. Based in the same rugged looking casing, both the TW1 and 3 share a (7in) LCD touch screen, and afford weight recording, weight gain tracking and automatic drafting. And while the TW1 displays animal tag number and any notes, the TW3 allows users to access and input more information about the animal as well as providing required animal dossing rates, and features a QWERTY keyboard.


Retail price for the controllers, which can be fitted to IAE’s range of crushes, start from £1,382 plus VAT for the TW1, with higher spec TW3 costing £1,915 plus VAT.

AG Hybrid dispenser

AG Hybrid dispenser

Building on its first generation hybrid dispenser, Cheshire-based AG Products has launched a Mk II machine.


Unlike the rest of its line-up, the hybrid allows a single tub to be fitted with either a belt for loose bedding such as sawdust, or swapped for spinning discs to spread sand, ideal if a farm switches its bedding system for example. Updates to this machine include a fully galvanised construction (albeit with overpainted exterior) uprated hydraulics with larger motors, and a wider spreading belt.


To combat previous issues with bridging material, hydraulic motors are now mounted outside the tub, and a second auger can be fitted.


Four models are available from 1.25-2m tub width, with prices for a belt spreading model from £4,000-£5,000 respectively.

Portek bird scarer

Portek bird scarer

To prevent pesky birds from harbouring in your sheds, Portek produces an audible bird scarer.


The firm says each of its 17 bird calls are live recordings for greater effect, and not computer generated. Calls can be left constant, or set to run intermittently with 15 minute breaks. Unlike the previous first generation model, a remote can now be used to active the handheld device, ideal for those wanting to leave it institute.


Power is taken either from 10 AA batteries, or a 12V car battery, with sound emitted from an on-board speaker to give up to 110dB of scaring. An external speaker can also be plugged in via an audio jack.


Retail price for the handheld scarer is £250 plus VAT.

Albutt shear bucket

Albutt shear bucket

Extending its range of clamped silage attachments, Gloucestershire-based attachment specialist Albutt has launched a range of shear buckets.


Based on its second-largest range of shear grabs, the Shear King Mini, the ShearBucket is available in three sizes from 1.9m to 2.5m width, providing 1.4cu.m to 1.8cu.m capacities respectively.


As with its shear grab line-up, the grab is constructed from high tensile Domex steel and Hardox cutting surfaces.


The bucket features solid floor, sides and back, preventing material being dropped while moving around the yard, and also allowing concentrates and other materials to be picked up without the need to switch to a conventional bucket.


To prevent bending the bucket’s base with the tearout forces required to pull heavily compacted silages from the clamp, Hardox tines are mounted beneath the bucket’s base.

Suire bale dispenser

Suire bale dispenser

Shown for the first time on UK importer Amia’s stand was a number of products from French firm Suire.


For those simply wanting to unravel round bales for feed, the firm’s unit features a spiked chain to feed bales to one side. As standard this comes with removable three-point linkage spikes for self-loading, or a hydraulic loading arm can be specified.  For those also wishing to spread straw into pens, a hydraulically driven set of tines can be fitted to throw the straw.


For users looking to process both square and round bales, three straw chopper models are also available (pictured). All models feature a cross beater with 48 or 60 knives to tease straw onto the pto-driven flywheel, which blows out into a three-piece chute.


Two smaller models can be three-point linkage or telehandler mounted (requiring about 75l/min oil flow), while largest 4cu.m model is trailed.

Blue Bull Machinery ring feeder handler

Blue Bull Machinery ring feeder handler

Presenting its Easy Arm ring feeder handler, Irish farm-based manufacturer Ballyealan Engineering has also re-branded as Blue Bull Machinery.


Once the round bale is in place, the handling arm fits over the top link connection on the round bale handler or spike, and offers up its own connection to the tractor, safely lifting the ring feeder over the bale.


The company also offers a range of bale loading and handling equipment.

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