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Kverneland group updates its grassland kit line-up

From GPS mowers and rakes, to plastic binding of round bales, the Kverneland Group has updated a number of its grassland products.


Following the launch of its high-capacity GeoRake at the Grass and Muck event earlier this year, the firm’s steel-tined mower conditioner is now available in GeoMow guise. Via an IsoBus connection to any of the firm’s Tellus terminals, the mower can be set to perform a number of functions automatically, to reduce strain on the operator:

  • Raise and lower beds according to GPS map
  • Side-shift beds to prevent missing on corners
  • Overlap control

Similar to the GeoRake, headlands have to be completed manually, albeit with the help of moving beds to prevent missing on corners. Similarly when working straight, overlap is minimised to keep the mower taking its maximum cut. The GPS map is used to tell the machine when to raise and lower beds as you pass onto already cut ground. Thanks to these features, the firm says productivity can be increased by up to 10 per cent.


Further building on the systems of its GeoRake, the group’s four-rotor rake is now able to asymmetrically move its rear rotors to straighten swathes and maintain a smooth curve in tight corners. This works by sensing turn angle, and by pulling the outside rotor in, and pushing the inside rotor further out.

Film binding of bales is now available as an option on Vicion's Fastbale
Film binding of bales is now available as an option on Vicion's Fastbale

Changing between the two materials is via a setting on the in-cab terminal. Along with simplifying waste disposal once opening bales, the firm says plastic should allow for a tighter bind of bales.


Loading rolls onto the binding system is via a hydraulic lifting ramp, as the binding roll sits up high between the baler’s two chambers.

Baler news

In other baler news, Vicon has launched its latest generation fixed-chamber round baler, the RF5325. Aimed at baling large numbers of bales, the firm says the fixed chamber machine has been beefed up over the previous generation with components from its FastBale combination, to better cope with wetter silages.


Along with this heavy-duty design, pickup has also been revised, featuring longer tines and a higher pivoting point, to allow greater ground clearance.


Variable chamber machines also benefit from a number of new options. Firstly an automatic side-shift drawbar can be used to ensure the bale camber is filled correctly to produce an even bale, and bale density monitoring and weighing is also available.

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