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Benefits of windrowing

Benefits of windrowing

Using a machine such as the GT170 two-row trailed harvester as a windrower allows two rows of potatoes to be lifted and gently placed in the valley between two untouched rows.

When these rows are lifted, the harvester tucks into the equivalent of four rows of crop. So a greater volume of potatoes go into the harvester, with the advantage of speeding up the lifting process while keeping a higher volume on the webs to help reduce crop damage. Trailer loading is also faster. Windrowing also makes it easier to open up a field, as Derek Scott explains.

“With our windrow conversion, it is possible to move up to eight 36 inch rows without moving the crop twice, and this creates enough space for a harvester with an offset wheel plus a tractor and trailer to sit in the field without nipping the crop,” he says. “And because a windrower simply lifts and relocates the crop, it can start working sooner, operating without trailers. So productivity will increase.”

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