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The harrow

The harrow

The harrow is manufactured by Austrian firm Hatzenbichler and imported by Opico. At 24m wide, it matches up to Wincote Farm’s existing tramlines.


The trailed harrow is made up of four folding sections. Each section has four 1.5m wide beds of tines, totalling 16. There are 10 aggressiveness settings for the 48 tines on each bed, which is done via a pin and quadrant assembly on each bed. Tines are spaced at 30mm centres.


Mr Bayliss says the harrow has done a stellar job so far, however, being one of the first produced and used in the UK, he has some alterations he would like making for conditions in the UK.


Larger tyres underneath would be an advantage he says, with the 3,950kg weight at the limit of what the existing rubber can carry in the field.


He would also like to see some form of section control added, enabling gangs of beds to be lifted out of work, when approaching angled headlands.


However, so far he says the work rate and quality of the job done by the harrow is better than initially expected with other benefits also seen, in addition to the removal of weeds.

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