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Valmet 900

The Valmet 900 model introduced a rubber-mounted fully-integrated safety cab and a hydrostatic steering system. The Valmet 1100 (below) introduced the first turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Valmet 1100

Throughout the 1990s, Valmet engineers continued to extend the threshold for tractor performance with new innovations, some of which would soon become commonplace throughout the tractor manufacturing industry.


First came the 180 degree Twin-Trac tractor control system, which enabled the tractor to be operated in either direction without compromising operational control. Then came Sigma Power, the world’s first engine performance boost system, which was followed by EcoPower when the Valtra 8350 became the first tractor to use the new low-revving Sisu Diesel engine design.


Since the dawn of the 21st Century, Valtra as it became known officially in 2001 (see panel), has grown significantly. Since the company’s acquisition by Agco in 2004, the company has continued to thrive, with pioneering developments which have included the first tractor engine to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine emission technology.


In 2008, the company debuted its Direct continuously variable transmission (CVT) in the T202 Direct tractor. In 2013, Valtra became the world’s first tractor manufacturer to offer its customers a factory-approved full customisation service with its Unlimited Studio Options program. And the list goes on.


Today, the Finnish manufacturer’s portfolio includes six ranges of tractors incorporating 35 different models, with power outputs extending from 75hp to 405hp. Valtra tractors are powered by Finnish-designed and built Agco-power engines, and offer a wider range of available options and integrated technologies than almost any other tractor manufacturer on the market. And to think, it all started 70 years ago in a disused World War II munitions factory.

Valtra timeline

  • 1951: Production of the Little John tractor starts at Tourula. Company inherits Valmet-Oy title
  • 1956: Introduction of the newly-developed Valmet 33D three-cylinder diesel tractor
  • 1960: Valmet establishes Valmet do Brazil tractor factory at Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil
  • 1964: Valmet 565 Synkrotraktori model introduces the synchromesh tractor gearbox
  • 1967: Valmet 100 Series debuts with the all-new Valmet 900 tractor with integrated safety-cab
  • 1969: Valmet 1100 becomes world’s first turbocharged four-cylinder model
  • 1979: Scantrac collaboration established between Volvo BM and Valmet
  • 1980: Valmet introduces the world’s first constant-power supercharged engine in the Valmet 1204
  • 1982: The all-new four model Volvo BM Valmet 05 Series tractors are launched
  • 1985: The six-cylinder Valmet 2105 features Europe’s first turbo-intercooled tractor engine
  • 1988: Valmet breaks the tradition of a specific livery, by offering five new colour schemes
  • 1992: Valmet introduces the reversible Twin-Trac 180 degree rotating driving station
  • 1996: Valmet 8750 tractor introduces Sigma Power engine boost system on the 7.4-litre Valmet engine
  • 1998: The Sisu Diesel developed Valtra EcoPower engine system appears on the Valtra 8350 model
  • 2001: Valtra S Series introduces 200hp-plus with 50kph and Sisu Diesel SCR emissions technology
  • 2004: Valtra is purchased from the Kone Corporation by Agco Corporation for 600 million Euros
  • 2008: Valtra debuts its infinite-ratio Direct CVT on the T202 Direct model
  • 2013: Valtra Unlimited Studio becomes world’s first factory-approved tractor customisation shop
  • 2015: Finnish rally driver Juha Kankkunen sets a tractor speed record of 88.88mph in a Valtra T234
  • 2020: Valtra and 5G network operator Elisa introduce virtually-controlled autonomous technology

The Birth of Valtra

The Birth of Valtra

In 1970, Valmet designated the trademark name Valtra to a new line of agricultural and forestry implements and equipment. Originally registered in 1963, the name Valtra was selected by Valmet as an alternative to the brand name Touro.


Following a reorganisation of the Finnish state, in 1994 Valmet tractors were transferred to the Sisu Group to create Valmet-Sisu. In 1997, the Valmet-Sisu Group was purchased by Partek, forming a 30 per cent partnership with the Finnish state.


In 1998, the Sisu name was dropped and the company was re-identified as Valtra-Valmet, but the right to use the Valmet name was limited to April 2001. Following the loss of its Valmet nomenclature - the company officially adopted the Valtra trademark as its new solo-name identity.

Have a look at Valtra's manufacturer account

Your working machine since 1951, Valtra tractors are now on their 5th generation, and we are already thinking forward. Milestones are of course celebrated, but the work is never done. Whatever the future brings, our machines are built to work and built to last. They are built for you.


Our award-winning A, N and T Series have undergone a major upgrade into 5th generation versions, packed with improvements to make your life easier. Valtra U-Pilot headland management system boosts precision, and the brand new A-Pillar display puts information right where your need it.

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