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Flexible friends: The latest round-up of cultivator updates and additions

Many of the latest cultivators can be configured or adjusted to work in a range of conditions and perform multiple roles in autumn and spring.


Here’s a selection of the updates and additions...


Opico Combi Disc

Opico Combi Disc

Opico now offers a 5.5-metre trailed version of the Combi Disc cultivator, designed as a high output, all-round machine designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass, with its roller adding weather-proof consolidation.


The depth of the nine subsoiler legs and the two rows of discs is hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat, and on 4.5m and 5.5m folding versions, the subsoiling legs can be hydraulically lifted out of work and folded up.


This feature allows the Combi Disc to be used to work down ploughed land, using the two rows of discs and the press roller. When the subsoiling tines are not in use, it is suitable for incorporating stubble and crop residues with a lower horsepower requirement.


The discs can also be hydraulically lifted out of work, while leaving the tines in place, enabling the machine to be used as a subsoiler, working down to 400mm.


Shearbolt or hydraulic reset protection can be specified for the tines, and there is a choice of a 700mm single V-Press roller or 600mm Twin V-press roller. Hydraulic folding gives a transport width of 2.61m and road lights are fitted as standard.


Prices for the 550 Combi Disc start at £60,828.

Amazone Ceus

Amazone Ceus

Amazone’s Ceus disc and tine cultivator is designed to offer the flexibility to work stubbles shallow to promote an early chit or to incorporate organic matter by deeper working with a tine.


The Ceus uses a double row of Catros+ 510mm diameter serrated discs at 250mm spacing up front, adjustable either mechanically or hydraulically, or lifted out entirely to leave just the tines in work.


C-Mix tines are mounted in a frame to give 850mm of underbelly clearance at a spacing of 40cm, and feature a 600kg breakaway force stone protection system.


They can be equipped with a variety of points, from 320mm stubble goose foot shares to 40mm deep work tines, and the C-Mix Clip quick change system can also be specified.


These tines can be either mechanically or hydraulically adjusted for depth or if the Ceus is being used for shallow stubble chitting, lifted out of work completely.




A row of double discs levels the soil surface before it is consolidated by the full width following roller.


The transport wheels are centrally-mounted for maximum manoeuvrability and are supplied with either a hydraulic or air-braking system.


Working widths are four, five, six and seven metres and prices start at £48,500.

Kverneland DTX

Kverneland DTX

Kverneland’s three-metre DTX cultivator is designed as a mounted one-pass stubble incorporator/soil loosener for tractors from 200-360hp. It can be used for non-inversion tillage or to knock down ploughing while loosening down to 40cm.


The DTX can also be used to establish oilseed rape into stubble by adding a seeder attachment and also has 60cm leg spacing for trash clearance.


The front tines are staggered and the rear discs allow a full cut and mix from 2cm to 10cm deep.


Tines are combined with the 520mm diameter disc section from the company’s Qualidisc Farmer short disc harrow. The 600mm diameter DD rear roller provides positive depth control and leaves a corrugated, weatherproof surface. Rollers are equipped with heavy-duty scrapers and sealed bearings.




Pro-Lift tines and points are designed to provide an effective soil conditioning action with prolonged wear rates and can be specified with shear-bolt or auto-reset protection.


Alternatively, LD tines minimise the risk of smearing at depth. Tips are protected by carbide for a longer working life.


Soil can be loosened with the tines down to 40cm while the top soil layer (maximum 10cm) is incorporated with the disc sections.


The DTX is also equipped with side deflectors from the Qualidisc range to enhance levelling.


Prices are from £27,294 for a three-metre model with DD packer.

Vaderstad Carrier

Vaderstad Carrier

Vaderstad’s Carrier disc cultivator is designed for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation and can be fitted with a range of front tools, discs and packers for tasks ranging from ultra-shallow cultivation to deeper incorporation.


The trailed Carrier L/XL 425-825 is available in working widths from 4.25 to 8.25 metres. It can be fitted with 510 or 610mm discs, with adjustable disc angles. These larger discs make the Carrier L/XL suited for deeper cultivation, incorporating large amounts of crop residues or breaking up pasture.


The 510mm discs have more space around them for a higher throughflow, while the 610mm version enables greater working depth when incorporating large amounts of crop residues, such as maize stubble.




Front tool options include the CrossCutter knife roller to cut crop residues in two directions, for example to reduce trash for small seeds or to destroy cover crops.


Alternatively, clods are crushed and the soil levelled using the CrossBoard Heavy upfront, while the straw harrow distributes straw ahead of the discs to give consistent conditions across the field.


Carrier L/XL 425, 525 and 625 models can be fitted with the new double SteelRunner packer, which offers full depth reconsolidation, while its open design is said to result in minimized bulldozing and a low draught requirement. 


Prices are from £43,425 for the Carrier XL 425 with double SteelRunner.

Kuhn Performer

Kuhn Performer

Kuhn Farm Machinery’s Performer disc and tine cultivator can be used for surface stubble ploughing, deep ploughing, soil loosening and one-pass seedbed preparation. Each tool gang can be used independently and a choice of wear parts can also be added to tines to go from shallow to deep loosening work.


All settings are hydraulic and controlled from the tractor cab using a four-function selector on the control terminal.


The Performer comprises two rows of 510mm diameter 6mm thick discs, with a small-notch profile for even residue cutting across the width of the machine, four rows of tines for mixing or deep loosening and a row of levelling discs mounted on a stone protection system.




A Double-U roller is now offered for the Performer range using two rows of offset 600mm diameter rollers to provide 175kg per metre of downward force at 12.9cm spacings. Each roller is U-shaped to provide an inverted channel which fills with soil, offering good seed-soil contact.


Kuhn’s HD-Liner 700 roller with v-shaped, notched profile rollers provide 225kg/m of downward force and is also available for the Performer.


Working widths are 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m and prices start at £48,934 for the Performer 3000 equipped with the Double-U roller.

Horsch Cruiser XL

Horsch Cruiser XL

Designed for use as either a stubble cultivator or seedbed preparation implement, the Horsch Cruiser is now available in five and six metre XL trailed versions.


The six-bar frame with 700mm clearance can mix and distribute soil while handling large quantities of organic material.


A choice four cultivation points can be specified to make the Cruiser XL suitable for stubble cultivation with optimum straw distribution after combining or seedbed preparation, as a fine cultivator for mechanical weed control or for loosening and aerating soils in spring.


Working depth is adjusted via the support wheels at the front of the packer and the bars are equipped with the Horsch spring tine which has a release force of 150kg. 




The chassis is also designed to give high ground clearance when lifted for easy transport.


Using the hydraulic lift/lower system, up to 1,200kg of weight can be transferred on the rear axle of the tractor in work. There is a choice of single and double packers.


Prices are from £11,580 for the 5XL.

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