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Agritechnica 2017: Sprayers showcased

There were plenty of new self-propelled sprayers inside the huge halls at the Hannover Fairgrounds, including a version capable of covering up to 170ha/hr. Steven Vale reports.


Kuhn showed a model from its first self-propelled sprayer range, albeit a machine for non-Euro markets.


Called the Stronger 4000, and designed for large-scale farms in CIS countries, the 4036 at Agritechnica is powered by a 280hp Brazilian-made 7.2-litre MWM Stage 3a engine.


Capacity of the stainless-steel tank is 4,000 litres, and while current aluminium boom widths are 30m, 36m and 40m, the Stronger will soon be available with a 50m version. Ground clearance is 1.8m, fuel tank capacity is 600 litres and as a very rough guide, prices start from about US$320,000 (£242,000).

Kverneland Group adds trailed sprayer

Kverneland Group adds trailed sprayer

With the exception of the boom, Kverneland’s new iXtrackT trailed sprayer is new from the ground up.


An additional product in the range from 2,600-3,200 litres, the newcomer features a new design of chassis, tank and electronics.


The compact result at the Hannover Fairgrounds is just 3.15m high on the road, is available on track widths from 1.5-2.25m, and the 32-degree steering angle enables a turning radius of 6.9m.


Also new is the red tank, which brings the sprayer into line with the rest of the company’s products. Available under the Vicon brand in the UK, pre-production models will be out in the field next year, with the iXtrackT expected to go on sale by 2019.

Dubex reduces spray drift

Dubex reduces spray drift

Previously, Dutch firm Dubex sold a handful of aluminium-based systems designed to reduce spray drift. However, experience confirmed that if it struck an obstacle then it was difficult to repair. Reason enough for the company to swap aluminium for an even lighter weighing plexiglass.


Called the Dubex Wave, and suitable for adding to spray booms up to 36m, the result reduces spray drift by up to 99 per cent, claims the firm, and the transparent material allows operators to see what is going on.


Optional on new spray booms, and theoretically possible to retro-fit, the system costs about €300/m (£266/m).

Monster sprayer from Hardi

Monster sprayer from Hardi

It was not the easiest machine to capture on camera, but Hardi’s 9,000 litre capacity Rubicon 9000 is believed to be the world’s largest self-propelled sprayer on twin axles.


Powered by a 380hp Cummins Stage 4 block, Australia was the first market where the machine was released. Operating at speeds of up to 30kph with a 48m boom, one the first users reckons to cover up to 170ha/hr.


Launched to the US market last summer, and now available to East European and CIS markets, Hardi is surprised at the high level of demand for the French-made machine, which does not leave customers with any change from US$500,000 (£378,000). A couple have been sold in France, and there is interest from other Euro countries. However, with its 3.5m wide transport width and fully laden weight of 24.5 tonnes might cause a few issues.


The cab is the same as that fitted to the 5,100 litre Alpha, although 30cm wider.

Tecnoma high rise boom

Tecnoma high rise boom

The compact design of the Tecline-L boom is the striking feature of Tecnoma’s Tecnis trailed sprayer.


Available in widths from 30-39m, the new design, which folds higher up the sides of the sprayer tank, provides extra headroom to access the rest of the machine.


Claimed to result in a more comfortable use on the road, a pre-production series will be launched next year ahead of a general release in 2019.

Arbos blasts onto the scene

Arbos blasts onto the scene

Arbos showed the Blaster trailed sprayer, which is available in four tank sizes from 3,000 to 6,000 litres and with boom widths from 21 to 42m.


Hydraulic rear wheel steering is part of the standard spec, as is independent suspension on each wheel and mechanical track width adjustment from 1.5 to 2.25m. The Blaster is unlikely to arrive in the UK until 2019.

Dammann introduces new cab

dam pic

Dammann self-propelled news included a new Highlander with a larger 5,500 litre tank, previously 4,000 litre.


A larger 3,500 litre tank is also included on the new Dammann-trac (was 3,200 litres), and both models benefit from the firm’s new EcoDrive transmission.


However, the big news on the German sprayer makers’ stand was the prototype of a new Cat IV cab for the firm’s SP machines. Heading first to the D-trac, and later next year to other models, the new cab is said to be a good deal quieter than the existing one, and features a lot more glass and a front screen which extends down to the floor for improved operator visibility.

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