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T5 and T6 DCT Range

New Holland t5&t6 range

New Holland in house designed and built 3-range, 8-speed Dual Clutch
transmissions are offered in T5 and T6 Dynamic Command Tractors.

T5 offers four models, T5.110, T5.120, T5.130 and T5.140 horsepower, 4.5 litre 4
cylinder engine, wheelbase = 2490mm

T6 tractors, T6.155, T6.175, 4 cylinder plus the new T6.160 & T6.180, 6.7 litre
engine 6 cylinder models, wheelbase = 2682mm.

The optional Ground Speed Management feature allows the tractor to drive and act
like a CVT gearbox, Operators can select a target speed, the transmission will
maintain this speed keeping the engine RPM as low as possible saving fuel.


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