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FBP 3135 – Film Binding Technology

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Two technologies from KUHN are combined to create the FBP 3135 fixed chamber BalePack. This baler-wrapper combination begins with a standard FB 3135 fixed chamber baler with an OPTICUT INTEGRAL ROTOR merged with an innovative wrapping system.


The KUHN FBP 3135 offers you high-quality bales at the lowest costs. The film consumption is reduced by 30% thanks to the unique patented KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system. A perfect bale seal for high-quality bale conservation is created when combining film binding with both 3D wrapping and INTELLIWRAP. The redesigned bale chamber consists of 18 POWERTRACK rollers which generate exceptionally high densities and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions.


Operator comfort and maximum control are guaranteed using the PROCESS VIEW user interface on the ISOBUS controller.


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