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Versatile Cultivator


ACTROS RO is a robust combined (disc-share) machine that is capable of cutting and processing a large quantity of crop residue in a single pass and mix the crop residue effectively with loosened soil, up to a depth of 35 cm (Active-Mix tines), and disrupt soil layers using the zero-mix tines.


The machine can work without rear packers, there are shares behind the transport wheels. An ideal solution in extreme conditions.


The transport axle is located in the middle of the machine, which reduces the turning radius at headlands.

  • Excellent cutting and incorporation of crop residue using two rows of discs, 690 x 6 mm.
  • Intense soil cultivation up to a working depth of 35 cm using two rows of shares with vertical non-stop protection (Active-Mix tines).
  • Disruption of compacted layers without mixing (Zero-Mix tines).
  • Integrated axle = smaller turning radius, possibility to work without packers. Aeration in extreme conditions.
  • Various types of packers available for different soil conditions.


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